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Whether you are stuck in a job you hate, have a business idea you can’t get started, or you are running already a business and want to grow. We write business plans and provide startup advice and training courses that help you maximise your potential and take control of your life.

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We have a range of services that help you overcome your biggest challenges. We also provide ongoing support and mentoring to help you develop as a business owner.

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We provide Business Startup advice that will help you turn your business idea into a successful business.

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Professional and affordable business plan writing services to help you get funding and start your business.

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Business development and growth services to take your business to the next level.

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Over the past 8 years we have worked with hundreds of different clients, below are just a few.

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Our Business Framework

Business Consulting Framework

Our Business Framework is a blueprint for business success. It helps you plan how you can make your business become more successful and grow.

We provide you with clarity, understanding and control of your business by increasing revenue, reducing costs, improving efficiency and driving innovation.

We analyse the “DNA” of your business to understand its ethos, culture and history.

All the work we do is based on our Business Framework and Business Success Formula.

Business Success Formula

PM + (PS * (EO – (C+E+P)) = Successful Business

For a business to be successful, there must be a Profitable Market (PM) and a Product or Service (PS) that satisfies its needs and/or its wants.

It’s not enough to have a great product or service anymore. Business success depends on your Product or Service firstly being noticed by the Profitable Market through effective marketing campaigns; then by selling enough of your Product or Service to have enough Cash or Fuel (F) to repeat the process.

This is called the Engine (E) of your business. The more efficient the Engine is, the more profits you make. This system is called Engine Optimisation (EO).

Engine Optimisation (EO) is mainly an internal process. However, your business subject to several external threats you have to overcome.

Competition (C) from other businesses is the main external threat. Your business can also be affected by Market (PM), Economic (E) and Political (P) factors that need to be monitored.

To put this simply you need to possess:

  1. Profitable Market - Big enough for you to achieve your ambitions (There has to be a demand for your business)

  2. A Good Product -  It has to satisfy the expectations of your target market. But you should aim to be the first or to be the best.

  3. Effective Marketing Plan - An effective method to put your business in front of your target market and make sales (You can charge enough for your product/service to make a profit over a sustainable period)

  4. Good Sales Plan - A sustainable business model (A good sales plan)

  5. Working Capital - Enough cash and resources to repeat the process (Enough working capital)

  6. Business Analysis - A process that helps your business evolve according to market conditions and stay ahead of your competition. (Business Strategy & Analysis plus accurate Management Information)

Who We Help

We help start-ups and small businesses across the world. They face similar challenges and can benefit from an added focus on their strategy and business performance that our consulting framework provides. Our services are best suited to businesses and entrepreneurs who are ambitious and want to become market leaders in their particular industry and want to strive for excellence. We help companies and organisations at any stage in their business development.


Starting a business is filled with obstacles and challenges from finding the time to prepare the company to fund to launch their business.

One of the biggest problems that entrepreneurs face is how to transform their idea into a business. They face challenges such as building a team, product development, conducting market research, business planning and finding funding.

We help entrepreneurs develop their business ideas, helping them to refine their USP and conduct feasibility analysis. We also provide a comprehensive business start-up service from the writing of business plans and finding funding to set up operations.

Whether you have a new business idea you think will become “the next big thing” or want to become self-employed we have solutions that will help you. Turning your idea into a business can be complicated. You will face challenges building a team, developing your product, conducting market research, business planning and finding funding.

Our services are tailored to your unique business challenges. We’ll help you to develop your business idea, refine your USP and improve your business model.


Starting out is exceptionally difficult, the prospect of not having many customers with limited funds can be very stressful. Your business is vulnerable to market fluctuations, and you must plan ahead to ensure its survival.

The statistics do not lie; most start-ups fail within the first two years of setting up. The reasons why start-ups fail are not economic or market driven. Most start-ups fail because of management decisions, their inability to recognise challenges, react and find solutions. Many issues are not picked up quickly enough because they do not have a robust performance management process.

This is where we can help; we can implement a performance management framework so you can quickly detect risks and issues so they can be rectified quickly.

Established Businesses

There are also many challenges and things to consider away from the operational side of the business for a business owner.

Not looking at the bigger picture and analysing performance and strategy can put your business at risk.

We help small-business owners analyse and optimise their business to enable them to plan ahead and achieve significant growth and profits.

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