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Our solutions are focused on helping entrepreneurs to overcome the main challenges they face in starting up and staying in business. We provide entrepreneurs and small business owners business advice and support to help them start, grow and improve their business.

99% of businesses are small, and their owners are passionate about what they do. We believe in small businesses, and we are dedicated to helping business owners achieve their goals.

We aim to provide them with kind of business support that is not usually available to small businesses. Our consultants have worked in large businesses and want to bring the business management techniques found in large businesses to small business at a fraction of the cost.

We help small businesses and startups to improve and grow by helping them to manage their business more effectively by implementing continuous business improvement, market & competitive analysis and product development.

We achieve results through our Business Framework which analyses the key elements of a business, and the market that they compete. It then provides you with areas of improvement for your business and a clear plan for growth.

We help business owners to grow their business and reach even the most ambitious of targets. We help small-business owners manage their businesses effectively, helping them to understand their business performance, analyse current & future market conditions and their competition to help them make informed business decisions.

Agility is a core component of the Business Framework. Small businesses are in a fantastic position as they can react to market and customer changes far quicker than larger businesses, we give them the tools to identify opportunities and make proactive rather than reactive decisions.

We use a mix of powerful business analysis tools and systems to identify opportunities, risks and issues. Our core concepts of reinventing Strategy, Reinvigorating Culture & Improving Performance are the driving force behind our business analysis and business improvement methods.

The core concepts are supported by nine focus areas we use to assess and improve businesses.

Our Business Framework is the driving force behind our services. We have analysed many successful businesses, most of them possess the same five characteristics.

  1. They have a strategic direction and a clear plan for how they will achieve their goals.
  2. They monitor performance regularly to identify and solve problems in the business.
  3. They have the resources and infrastructure to keep ahead of the competition by analysing the market and reacting to it before their competitors.
  4. They are continually improving its processes to save money, improve products and create a better customer experience.
  5. They are making a positive impact on the community, employees and customers.

We'll work with your company until these targets are achieved.

The Team

Management Team




Co-founder and lead consultant. Kurt was an Accountant at a Top 10 UK Accounting Firm & Business Analyst in many UK & US based Blue Chip companies.




Experienced Business Operations Manager, working across the world for blue-chip companies like EMC, Oracle and Salesforce.com




Our tech whizz kid. He created all the tools for our clients and creates our templates.




The Marketing Guru, she works with us on our marketing activites and offers strategic planning for our clients.




Robert is based in Asia and is a specialist in developing countries, technologies and industries.



UK Tech Startups


North America


UK - Other





Business Framework

Business Framework

Our Business Framework is a blueprint for business success. It helps you plan how you can make your business become more successful and grow.

We provide you with clarity, understanding and control of your business by increasing revenue, reducing costs, improving efficiency and driving innovation. We analyse the “DNA” of your business to understand its ethos, culture and history.


We'll help you build a strategy to help you achieve your ambitions. We create management systems to help you monitor performance.

Brand Development

Keeping your customers happy is important to every business. We help you to create products/services that are highly developed, researched and unique.

Competitive Analysis

Competition is fierce. We research your competition and develop strategies for you to beat them.

Growth Planning

You either grow or die. Planning for growth is essential for businesses. We help you to grow organically through business improvement and expand through investment.


We help you to create a culture within their business that fosters productivity, innovation and growth.

Management Philosophy

How effectively management conveys the business’s strategy can make the difference between a business's success or failure. We ensure your business has the infrastructure, systems, expertise and resources to move forwards.

Talent Management

Business is only as good as its people. We help scale your business by writing clear processes and help you to recruit, train and retain the best possible staff.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is crucial to success in the current business environment. We provide customer insight to ensure your marketing resonate and engage with your target market.


We help you to assess performance and understand when things are going wrong or opportunities to exploit.

Process Improvement

No business is perfect. Improvements can always be made. We identify inefficiencies and implement business improvement programmes.

Financial Control

Cash is King. If you do not look after your finances, you will not have a business. We'll help you to ensure your financial projections are robust and regularly reviewed.

Business Review

For a business to thrive and grow sustainably, its management team must be able to review performance and against benchmarks and key performance indicators to drive to identify strengths and weaknesses

Business Success Formula

PM + (PS) * (OE - (C+E+P)) = Successful Business

PM = Market | PS = Product or Service | OE = Optimised Engine |C = Competition |B = Business |E = Economy | P = Political | F = Fuel (Cash)

Business Success Formula

See what you need to do to make your business successful.

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How we work.

1 We provide simple solutions to solve business problems experienced by startups without the hassle and uncertainty of whether the solution will work. Our solutions are clear and transparent. All work is signed off by you before the project is completed.

2 We use the some of the most innovative solutions to ensure we stay connected with our customers. This is central to our engagement strategy. We are focussed on your needs and are constantly evolving our products and services according to your requirements.

3 Our services have been tested and proven to work. We are so sure you will love the results you get, and we stand fully behind our work. All of our work is guaranteed for a year.