Attracting Attention At An Exhibition Is easier than you think with these tips

Mr X Business Development

When fighting for the attention of passers-by with your rivals across an exhibition hall, it’s important to bring out your whole artillery of engagement techniques to make sure that people stop by your stand and not your competitor next door.

Here are top 4 tips to attract attention without physically dragging people on-stand!

1 – Make Sure Your stand looks stunning

Nothing speaks louder than the look of your stand. It’s the first thing that people see when they’re walking down the aisle before they see your staff so make sure it’s loud and proud.
Make sure your stand design speaks volumes by choosing bespoke exhibition stands from Nimlok. As well as using the latest architecture and cleverly designed stand-space, the design should carefully match function with form to create both an elegantly designed and eye-catching stand.

2 – Host a competition

Give a reason to stop by your stand by planting the idea of winning something big.
Make sure that in order to enter they have to provide their contact details. As well as a great way of growing your database, you’ll be able to send them an email soon after the show to provide them with more information about your products or services.

Your competition prize should be relevant to your target audience – for example if your target audience is 40 year old men, then giving away a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes may not be the most engaging idea.

3 – Make it fun

People love to have fun at exhibitions. From your point of view, providing a bit of fun on your stand gives you the upper hand as it increases the chance of giving your visitor a positive and memorable experience – which is key to them remembering your brand long after the show has finished!
Whether you host an old-school ‘catch a duck’ type of game or a digital game with data capture is up to you – as long as they are having fun, then they’re contagious laughter and joy will work to attract more people who want to take part. Make sure your game is relevant to your campaign, brand and target audience else they won’t engage with it, or you’ll be attracting the wrong visitors.

4 – Swag!

Many visitors to exhibitions expect that they’re going to be wined and dined with suitable swag as giveaways from your stand. In some cases, it can attract people on-stand as they feel they need it in their life.

But does a pen really suit your business or are you just giving it away because you feel like you have to? Make sure that your giveaway is thoughtful to the needs of your potential customer and can last longer than the nearest bin.

You could even spend a bit more on your giveaway and only give them out to those that provide you with details – it’s a bit sneaky, but it will make sure that you’re getting value from your giveaway.