How Working With Us Will Help Your Business

1. Faster Decision Making

Business owners need accurate, useful and business information delivered to them fast to enable them to make informed decisions. Our expertise in performance management and management accounting helps small businesses identify and resolve issues quickly. Our business analysis framework provides our clients with market and competitive analysis that allows them to capitalise on opportunities and reduce risks.

2. Higher Cash Balances & Cost Savings

Cash flow management is critical to business, without certainty of working capital, it is impossible to plan for the future. Our cash management process helps small business, and startup regains control of their cash flow, providing them with more certainty that they will be able to pay their staff and suppliers. We help our clients implement regular cost reviews to ensure they are committed to providing value to their customers. Identifying and executing cost savings makes funds available for business development and growth.

3. Increases In Sales

Increasing revenue from existing channels should be a priority for all small businesses. There is always room for improvement. We help our clients increase their marketing return on investment by focusing on measurable marketing activities that attract high-quality leads. We help improve the sales process by identifying problems and improving the lead to sale conversion rate. We also help our customer build loyalty programs for existing clients to help retain their existing customers.

4. Opportunities For Growth

While the famous quote that businesses should "grow or die" is not applicable in all cases. Businesses should always be wary of stagnation of the economy and customer's change over time. Seeking new markets and customers are essential to sustain the business. We help our clients choose and execute the correct growth strategy for their industry and their goals. Due to financial constraints executing growth plans can be difficult for small businesses and startups. We write business plans for new investment, bank loans and grants. We also assist clients to apply for governmental assistance. Our business management services help make our clients' businesses more attractive for funding from investors. Once funding is agreed, in principle, a well-managed company helps make the due diligence process far easier.

5. Increases In Productivity

Many business owners often ask how they can get more from their existing staff. The answer is rarely to get them to work harder or longer. The answer is to help them to work smarter. We follow a lean six sigma methodology, and we work with our clients to focus on providing customers value and reduce waste from their processes. We help our clients increase productivity by improving processes and helping to foster a working environment that motivates employees.

Other Benefits

  • We offer a no obligation free initial consultation to all customers.
  • To keep costs down for our clients we operate virtually and offer all of our services as fixed priced packages, thus allowing our customers to access specific pieces of expertise when they require it.
  • We work outside working hours if required.
  • Existing customers receive up to 30% discount on additional services.
  • We offer our clients a 100% guarantee on all of our paid services. We do not stop working for our clients until they are completely satisfied and their expectations have been met.
  • We offer our clients a flexible payment solution and accept payment in instalments, stages or by direct debit if required.