Business Startup Hacks

Business Startup Hacks: How To Make Your Business Idea A Success

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Starting a successful business is incredibly difficult, with over 50% of companies failing within five years. However, the right preparation and strategies dramatically stack the odds in your favour. From profoundly understanding target customers and markets to building adaptable operating models capable of optimizing limited resources, entrepreneurs must walk a tightrope during those opening acts, balancing vision with practical execution. …

grow your business

9 Ways Grow Your Business You Can Implement Now

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Growing a business takes careful planning, sufficient resources, and the right growth strategies tailored to your objectives. While ambitions understandably run high, especially for startups and small companies, reckless expansion can prove reckless. Sustainable growth balances vision with pragmatic execution across critical areas like operations, market development, partnerships, and business model evolution. Below, we explore popular business growth strategies, key …

Mission Statement

How to Write a Powerful Mission Statement for Your Business Plan

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A well-crafted mission statement captures the essence of a company’s purpose and values. It explains the fundamental reasons your business exists beyond making a profit. Your mission statement is a key component of your business plan and broader company strategy. In this guide, we’ll cover what makes an effective mission statement and provide mission statement examples from top brands. What …

business vision statement

How to Write an Impactful Vision Statement for Your Business Plan

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A compelling vision statement is essential for any startup or established business. Your vision statement describes your company’s aspirations and the future state you aim to achieve. Crafting an inspiring yet achievable vision statement directs your business strategy and motivates your team. This guide will cover tips for writing a vision statement and examples from top companies. What is a …

How To Write An Executive Summary

How To Write An Executive Summary And Wow Investors

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The executive summary is the most important section of a business plan. You need to understand if you are writing a business plan for funding or internal strategic planning. Most investors and lenders will not read your full 30+ page plan. The executive summary is often the only part they look at before deciding whether to continue reviewing your business …

Sources of Business Funding

The Complete Guide to Startup and Small Business Funding

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 Raising startup funding is one of the most exciting, challenging periods for a new business, and most fail at this stage and new launch.   Research by The Kauffman Foundation found roughly two-thirds of the companies were financed by personal savings, investments by friends and family or traditional loans.  Here are the top seven categories of the decade-long research identified by …

Startup Marketing

Startup Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your New Business

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Starting a new business is an exciting yet challenging time. You may have a great product or service, but getting the word out to potential customers can be difficult without the right startup marketing strategy.  In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about promoting your startup on a budget and setting your new business up for …


How To Set A Budget & Stick To It

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Setting a budget is one of the most important business tasks in running a business as it sets expectations and parameters for your business to operate. ┬áIf you do not set a budget, it increases the risk of risk failure and closure. Most companies that set a budget see it as just another administrative task and do not stick to …

recruitment challenges for startups

Overcoming Recruitment Challenges For Startups & How To Overcome Them

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Recruiting top talent is one of the biggest challenges facing startups and small businesses today. Unlike large, established companies, small companies often lack the brand recognition, resources and perks to attract qualified candidates. However, finding and retaining the right employees is critical to the success and growth of any business. This comprehensive guide will explore proven strategies startups and small …

boost sales

Boosting Sales for Startups: A Data-Driven Blueprint for Rapid Growth

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The journey of launching a startup often comes with the harsh reality of slower-than-expected initial sales. Many founders scramble to course-correct and catalyze growth when customer traction fails to materialise. With the right strategies rooted in research and analytics, it is possible to boost sales performance rapidly. This comprehensive guide covers proven techniques to set your startup on the path …