mini budget

Mini Budget 2022: What It Means For Businesses

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Last week was a big week for UK businesses, with a raft of new policy announcements in the Energy Relief Scheme and the Mini Budget.  Despite the poor reaction from the financial markets, there was plenty of positive news for established and startup companies. Let’s review the changes and assess what that means for business owners. Energy Bill Relief Scheme  …

business mentor

What Is A Business Mentor? How To Find The Right Mentor For Your Business?

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Business mentoring can provide invaluable support and guidance for business owners and entrepreneurs. A mentor can help you to develop and grow your business and to overcome any challenges you may face. If you are thinking of starting a business, or are already running a business, then business mentoring could be for you.  A mentor can help you to clarify …

business funding

How To Get Funding For Your Startup & What Documents You Need To Produce

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Raising startup funding is one of the most exciting, challenging periods for a new business, and most fail at this stage and new launch.   Research by The Kauffman Foundation found roughly two-thirds of the companies were financed by personal savings, investments by friends and family or traditional loans.  Here are the top seven categories of the decade-long research identified by …

Entrepreneur Questions

What Entrepreneurs Must Ask Before Quitting Their Day Job

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Before you quit your day job to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams, make sure you have a solid plan and know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. It’s not a decision to be made lightly. As an entrepreneur, there are many things to consider before quitting your day job to pursue your business full-time. Without a clear plan, it will be …

startup failure

The Four Stages of Startup Failure (and how to avoid them)

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The vast majority of startups fail. According to CB Insights, Ninety-six per cent of them close within the first two years. So, why risk starting one? There are a couple of reasons why people are willing to risk starting a startup despite the high likelihood of failure.  First, starting a business is a rewarding experience. Even if the startup fails, …

open a restaurant

How To Open A Restaurant Or Cafe In The UK

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Opening a restaurant or cafe in the UK can be both profitable and sustainable. Hundreds of new restaurants, cafes and takeaways are opened every week. Opening a restaurant or cafe in the UK can be a daunting task. However, it can be a very successful venture with the right planning and advice.  In this article we’ll go through the basics …

Writing a business plan

Do You Really Need To Write A Business Plan?

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If you’re considering starting a business or currently operating one, you may wonder if writing a business plan is the right step. After all, not every business needs a formal business plan. What is a business plan? A business plan is a critical tool for entrepreneurs to map out their business idea and track their progress over time.  A business …

Financial Projections

How to Create an Accurate Financial Projection for Your Business

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Regardless of what type of business you operate, at some point, you will need to create a set of financial projections, whether it’s to raise funding or internal management.  However, it is one of the most challenging tasks for most business owners. Financial projections are used to determine whether a project will succeed financially. They’re also helpful when planning for …

home based business

How To Make Money Online With A Home-Based Business

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Setting up a home-based business can be a great way to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams, and with a bit of planning and effort, it can be surprisingly easy.  A home-based business can be an enriching experience. Working from home, setting your hours, and being your boss are just a few benefits. On the downside, you’ll be working where you live, …

Entrepreneurial Mindset

How To Overcome Entrepreneur Mindset Mistakes & Thrive

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Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy. It requires risk-taking, perseverance, and creativity. But most importantly, it requires a mindset that helps you take on these challenges and turn them into opportunities. This article will teach you how to develop an entrepreneur mindset and avoid making some of the mistakes entrepreneurs make. What Is the Entrepreneur Mindset?  The entrepreneurial mindset is …