Who We Help


We help start-ups and small businesses across the world solve problems and develop their business. They face similar challenges and can benefit from added focus on their strategy and business performance that our consulting framework provides.

Our business advice is focussed on helping entrepreneurs and business owners to analyse their business, target market, competitors and customers to find ways of developing and growing their business.



Starting a business is filled with obstacles and challenges. From finding the time to prepare the business to finding funding to launch the business. It is important for an entrepreneur to get sound business advice while still developing their own skills.

We advise and support entrepreneurs on how to develop their business idea, taking them through the business feasibility and planning stage.  We write business plans that get funding from private investors and help secure bank loans and business grants.

Small Business Owners

There are many challenges  and things to consider away from the operational side of the business for a business owner.  Not looking the bigger picture and analysing performance and strategy can put a business at risk.

We help small-business owners analyse & develop their business to enable them to achieve growth.  Taking your business forwards by improving business operations and developing marketing strategies that help reduce customer acquisition costs and grow your business.