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Elevate Your Business in 2023 with Our Impactful Consulting Services

As expert business growth consultants, our mission is to help you tackle economic hurdles and unleash your business's true potential for expansion.

The past three years have been fraught with business challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, escalating energy costs, and weak demand, resulting in unsustainable debt and an uncertain future for many. The additional pressures from Brexit have only intensified these difficulties.

Our strategy focuses on crafting a resilient business approach that addresses short-term uncertainties while laying the groundwork for long-term growth. We provide tools and insights to explore new business models and sales channels.

Using robust business analysis tools and systems, we pinpoint opportunities, risks, and issues to make data-driven decisions.

Our comprehensive Business Success Formula thoroughly analyzes your business's core components.

We will identify areas for improvement and lay out a clear path to success.

With our cutting-edge Business Amplification System, we're committed to uncovering untapped opportunities that will drive your business's growth and prosperity.

Unlock Your Potential with Our Business Growth Solutions

Tight margins and unaddressed issues can jeopardize your business. Swift, effective solutions are crucial to minimizing disruption for your staff. Traditional business consulting methods, however, can be costly and time-consuming.

Our Business Growth Services empower your business to:

  • Boost sales
  • Secure funding and investment
  • Discover growth opportunities
  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance profitability
  • Increase productivity and output
  • Retain employees
  • Address skill shortages
  • The transition from startup to established business

We collaborate with you to develop tailored solutions to overcome challenges and foster growth.

Our four Core Services target critical aspects of your business:

Financial Management

During economic uncertainty, robust financial control is essential. We assist in creating a financial framework that optimizes cash flow, resource utilization, performance management, and risk/opportunity identification.

Cash Flow Management

Effective cash flow management is vital for business survival. We devise strategies for credit control, procurement, and accounts payable optimization. We also support business plan creation or funding applications for capital infusion through private equity, bank loans, or government grants.

Financial Control

We ensure that directors and senior management receive timely, accurate, and benchmarked information each month.

Key monthly reports and analyses for small businesses include:

  • Monthly Management Accounts
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Business Unit Dashboards
  • PESTLE, 5 Forces, and SWOT Analysis

We help enhance your accounting/bookkeeping software or recommend and implement a new system.

We'll review your P&L, analyze procurement processes and identify cost-saving opportunities.


Inadequate marketing planning and execution contribute to small business failure. We optimize your marketing campaigns for maximum ROI and assess strategic marketing activities to eliminate inefficiencies.

We shift small businesses from traditional, brand-based marketing to direct response marketing, offering greater effectiveness, measurability, and cost-efficiency.


  • Review and eliminate ineffective marketing
  • Identify and understand your target market
  • Establish differentiation strategy
  • Set marketing goals and plan
  • Monitor performance against the marketing plan

Business Strategy & Performance Management

Strategic goals and business plans are crucial for managing yearly performance. We help establish milestones and key performance indicators that align with corporate strategy, focusing on management and employees.

We assist with the following:

  • Defining strategy through vision, mission, and key objectives
  • Road mapping your strategy
  • Structuring your business planning process (annual budgets, monthly/quarterly forecasts)
  • Aligning KPIs with your strategy
  • Setting employee goals and objectives
  • Implementing a Business Intelligence platform or optimizing your current system


Innovation encompasses new ideas, products, services, and practices. Opportunities for innovation exist in every aspect of a business, including customer service, sales, business development, operations, and product development. Innovation adds value, ensuring business sustainability.

We identify operational inefficiencies and devise improvements.

Business agility is the ability to adapt quickly and cost-effectively in response to changes in the business environment. Adapting to market and environmental changes is crucial for survival.

We help develop your innovation strategy, considering key trends impacting your business.

Business Growth Consulting That Works

We've helped over two thousand businesses to start and grow their business and raised millions in funding.

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Businesses We Help

Small Businesses

We offer small businesses solutions to help them access capital and solve business problems, allowing them to free up time to grow their business.

Medium Sized Businesses

The medium-sized business has unique challenges. We help medium-sized enterprises develop systems, compliance and processes to compete with large companies while keeping smaller businesses' agility.

Charities & Social Enterprises

We understand charities and social enterprises' challenges in the current economic environment. Our services are specifically designed to help them become more efficient and thrive.

Results You'll Get From Our Business Growth Services

  • More Sales

    Increasing revenue from existing channels should be a priority for you as there is always room for improvement. Your business consultant will help you to increase your return on investment by focusing on measurable marketing activities that attract high-quality leads. We improve the sales process by identifying problems and optimising your sales funnel.

  • More Cash

    Cash flow management is critical for your business, without certainty of how much working capital you have it is impossible for you to plan for the future. Your business consultant will help you to implement regular cost reviews to ensure you have enough working capital to keep your business running.

  • Opportunities For Growth

    The current economy is volatile and customer habits are constantly evolving. You have to adapt and grow to survive. We’ll help you to analyse the market and competition to choose the right growth strategy for your business. Your business consultant will also help you manage your growth plan to ensure you stay on track.

  • Increases In Productivity

    You may wonder how you can get more from your staff. The answer is not to get them to work harder or longer. The answer is to help them to work smarter. We follow a lean six sigma method to help you to optimise your business processes.

  • Faster Decision Making

    You need accurate, useful and business information delivered to you fast to enable you to make informed decisions. Our expertise in performance management helps you prepare management information you need to identify and resolve issues quickly.

Business Success Formula

Over the past ten years, we have studied hundreds of different businesses and have identified three characteristics every successful business possesses.

These are:

Appeal, Profitability, and Sustainability.

They are interconnected, meaning you cannot have one without the other.

  • A business will only be profitable if it appeals to its target market.
  • A product or service that is appealing but unprofitable is unsustainable.
  • A product/service that is neither profitable nor desirable will never be sustainable.

Business Growth Consulting Framework

Successful Business = PM + (PS x (EO – (C+E+P+T))

Most successful businesses are appealing, profitable and sustainable. To achieve this, you must implement the following steps into your business.

A Profitable Market (PM)

  1. Your market size must be big enough for your business to thrive.
  2. A proven need or demand for your product or an alternative must exist.
  3. Your target market must be easily accessible.
  4. Your target market must be able to afford your product.

Product or Service (PS)

Your product/service must meet customer expectations and satisfy their needs and wants, but more is needed to guarantee success.

Engine Optimisation (EO)

Business success depends on your Product/Service first being noticed by the Profitable Market through effective marketing campaigns; then by selling enough of your Product/Service to have enough Cash (C) to repeat the process.

This is called the Engine (E) of your business. 

The more efficient the Engine is, the more profits you make. This system is called Engine Optimisation (EO).

Engine Optimisation (EO) is mainly an internal process.  

Marketing & Sales - A successful business has a proven method of ensuring its target market knows its product and can sell it effectively.

Operations - A method of operating smoothly, with the right technology and human capital, to profitably get their products to their target market.

Financial Management - Robust financial management ensures a business can be profitable and sustainable.  Successful companies understand when they need to find additional capital to invest in resources and technology to ensure the sustainability of the business.

Strategy - The success of any business is determined by the effectiveness of the strategy it follows. A strategy explains how a company plans to compete in a market and grow at a profit.  Successful businesses regularly review their performance, market, and competitors and continually improve.

Businesses are also subject to several external threats you have to overcome.

Competition (C) from other businesses is the main external threat. Businesses can also be negatively affected by Market (PM), Economic (E), Political (P) and Technological (T) factors that need to be monitored regularly.

To put this simply, you need to possess the following:

  1. Profitable Market - Big enough to achieve your ambitions (There has to be a demand for your business)
  2. Good Product - It has to satisfy the expectations of your target market. But it would help if you aimed to be the first or best.
  3. Engine Optimisation - Your business must reach enough of your target market to make enough sales and profit. Robust systems must be in place to ensure the profitability and sustainability of the business. 
  4. Working Capital - Enough cash and resources to repeat the process (Enough working capital)
  5. Business Analysis - A process that helps your business evolve according to market conditions and stay ahead of your competition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get is an all-inclusive business consulting service. You will understand what you are doing well and where you can improve and grow your business.
Our business services are focused on making an instant impact on your bottom line. We do this by optimising the seven most important areas of your business that affect your bottom line. We'll provide you with honest assessment of your business and find ways you can improve immediately. We will also give you an estimate on just how much more you could generate if you implement our recommendations.
Depending on your business I shouldn't take more than two days to gather the information we need to analyse the business and then a further week to analyse the data and get back to you with improvement and solutions for your business.
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