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It is hard to run a business, especially when you are alone. You have to manage operations, clients, staff and find new customers.

When you are under pressure to generate enough revenue to pay your staff and expenses, it is hard to find the time to plan ahead and grow your business.

We are experienced business growth consultants and can help you to unlock the potential your business and grow.

We use a mix of powerful business analysis tools and systems to identify opportunities, risks and issues. We achieve results through our Business Framework and Business Success Formula which analyse the core components of your business. We’ll find areas of improvement for your business and provide you with a clear path to success.

Typical Results In 3 Months

Sales Growth
Profitablity Increase
Business Efficiency

Results You’ll Get From Our Growth Services

  • More Sales

    Increasing revenue from existing channels should be a priority for you as there is always room for improvement. We’ll help you to increase your return on investment by focusing on measurable marketing activities that attract high-quality leads. We improve the sales process by identifying problems and optimising your sales funnel.

  • More Cash

    Cash flow management is critical for your business, without certainty of how much working capital you have it is impossible for you to plan for the future. We’ll help you to implement regular cost reviews to ensure you have enough working capital to keep your business running.

  • Opportunities For Growth

    The current economy is volatile and customer habits are constantly evolving. You have to adapt and grow to survive. We’ll help you to analyse the market and competition to choose the right growth strategy for your business. We’ll also help you manage your growth plan to ensure you stay on track.

  • Increases In Productivity

    You may wonder how you can get more from your staff. The answer is not to get them to work harder or longer. The answer is to help them to work smarter. We follow a lean six sigma method to help you to optimise your business processes.

  • Faster Decision Making

    You need accurate, useful and business information delivered to you fast to enable you to make informed decisions. Our expertise in performance management helps you prepare management information you need to identify and resolve issues quickly.

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Business Success Formula

PM + (PS) * (OE - (C+E+P)) = Successful Business

PM = Market | PS = Product or Service | OE = Optimised Engine |C = Competition |B = Business |E = Economy | P = Political | F = Fuel (Cash)

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We use our Business Success Formula and Business Framework to assess the performance of your business.

Factors considered are:

– Market Size & Opportunity
– Product / Market Fit
– Execution plan:
– Financial Resources:
– Your People:
– Potential Return:

There is always room for improvement in every business. We’ll provide you with a solution that will help you increase your profitability with no additional investment. We do this by analysing seven critical areas of your business that directly affect your net margin.

The seven areas are:

  • Prospect & Lead Management
  • Sales from existing customers
  • Sales from old customers
  • Sales conversion rates
  • Revenue per customer
  • Variable Costs
  • Fixed costs

Business Framework

Business Growth Consultants - Framework

Our Business Framework is a blueprint for business success. It helps you plan how you can make your business become more successful and grow.

We analyse the “DNA” of your business to understand its ethos, culture and history. We’ll provide you with a road-map to getting clarity, understanding and control of your business.

Business Growth Services

Margins are incredibly tight and not addressing problems can lead to your business failing. You need solutions quickly, effectively and without disruption to your staff. However, traditional business consulting methods can be expensive, disruptive and can take several weeks to find solutions.

Our business growth service  has a a fixed price and provides you with guaranteed results.

Our Business Growth Services Can Help You:

  • Improve Sales
  • Secure New Funding/Investment
  • Find New Ways To Grow
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Profitability
  • Improve Productivity and Output
  • Retain Employees
  • Fill Skills shortages
  • Help you transition from startup to an established business.

We’ll work with you closely to develop a solution to overcome these challenges, or any other you may have, and help you to grow your business.

To help make sure your business stays on track we offer Monthly Business Reviews (BMR’s). We’ll write a monthly performance report, keep your growth plan and metrics up to date and help you develop your business.

You will be assigned a Business Growth Consultant who will become an extension of your business and will guide you through your business growth.


Our pricing is based on the complexity of the business and how much support you require. The pricing table below includes a 20% advance payment discount. Payments can also be paid by milestone and by monthly payments



  • 7 Step Business Analysis
  • Business Optimisation
  • Financial Projections & KPI’s
  • Business Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Staff Training
  • Unlimited Support



  • 7 Step Business Analysis
  • Business Optimisation
  • Financial Projections & KPI’s
  • Business Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Staff Training
  • Unlimited Support



  • 7 Step Business Analysis
  • Business Optimisation
  • Financial Projections & KPI’s
  • Business Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Staff Training
  • Unlimited Support

Our Process

Every project goes through a 7 step process to ensure consistency and a high standard of work. You will work closely with your business growth consultant. It’s a two-way process, and you will have full control of the business development process.

  • Step 1 - The Kick Off

    We find out about your business, competition, and ambitions as a business owner.

  • Step 2 - Research

    We will find out as much about your business, market, and your competition. This stage is critical for your business development. We’ll to help you improve your business model and get ahead of the competition.

  • Step 3 - Solution Development

    We’ll develop a solution using all the information we have received from you and what we have found out in the research phase.

  • Step 4 - Draft 1

    We’ll do a draft consultation report with the information we have available. We’ll assess your business against our business success formula and highlight the areas that need development.

  • Step 5 - Draft 2 (Optional)

    The second draft rectifies any issues discovered in the first draft.

  • Step 6 - Approval

    No project is complete without you approving the work.

  • Step 7 - Completion

    The project is complete, but our support is not necessarily over. Before you go, we’ll agree how we will support you in the next stage of your business development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will get is an all-inclusive business assessment and improvement service. You will understand what you are doing well and where you can improve and grow your business.
Our business services are focused on making an instant impact on your bottom line. We do this by optimising the 7 most important areas of your business that affect your bottom line. We’ll provide you with honest assessment your business and find ways you can improve immediately. We will also give you an estimate on just how much more you could generate if you implement our recommendations.
Depending on your business I shouldn’t take more than two days to gather the information we need to analyse the business and then a further week to analyse the data and get back to you with improvement and solutions for your business.
Once we have confirmed your details and gathered all the information we will invoice you. Before you take payment we’ll send you more information about the service.
Register your interest in our business growth services and we will get started on your Free Consultation.

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