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80% of startups fail within the first 2 years.  They didn’t fail because their business was bad.  They failed because they didn’t research the market and their competitors thoroughly enough. A lack of quality market information results in a weak business strategy and poor execution.  

SGI Lab helps you to address the key issues why businesses fail to ensure your business is set up for success.

Good advice is crucial for your business development.  Statistics prove businesses that seek professional advice are more profitable and successful.  To help you get on the right track we have launched a new way for entrepreneurs to access business advice, tools and support.  

SGI Lab combines business mentoring, business coaching and business consulting in a unique way. 

SGI Lab Members get access to our premium tools & content, they can join our 1-2-1 business mentoring program and can access to all of our business support channels.

Instead of having to solve all of your business problems by yourself you will be able to seek advice and support from us and our network of partners.

Business Mentoring & Support

Business support can be difficult find and expensive. SGI Lab will help you get through the first difficult stages of starting and growing your business, all at an affordable monthly price.

Over the past twelve years, we have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to start, grow and improve their business. All of our consultants are IOEE qualified mentors who have extensive experience of developing new  and small businesses.

SGI Lab Features

SGI Lab is simple. You will get access to our members-only site. You will be able to download our premium templates and tools, join our member only webinars, support sessions and get 1-2-1 business advice regularly.

  • Business Assessment

    Every member will get an initial business assessment where we’ll analyse your business, ambitions and growth potential. If you are in the process of starting up, we’ll review your business idea and viability. If you have an existing business, we’ll review its key operations.

  • Mentoring Platform

    When you join SGI Lab, you’ll be setup on our Mentoring Platform where we will help you manage your goals and the actions you need to take to achieve them.

  • 1-2-1 Business Advice

    Each member will get a regular calls with a mentor to review their progress. Each meeting is focused on achieving your goals and overcoming any obstacles in your way. We’ll help you to review progress and set new goals for your business and professional development.

  • Weekly Office Hours

    There are weekly drop in sessions where you can dial for additional support between your 1-2-1 sessions.

  • Support Help Desk

    The support helpdesk is available to answer questions you may have via email. We’ll be able to create and change basic business documents, create files and assist with funding applications.

  • Exclusive Members Online Content

    Our premium content contains ebooks, tools and templates that contain everything you need to startup, get funding and grow your business.

  • Discounts

    If you need additional help, SGI Lab members get up to 50% discounts on all our paid services.

As soon as you join SGI Lab, you will get actionable advice and tools you can use to develop and grow your business. Within a few days, you’ll be able to get on track and make more from your business.

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  • Initial Business Assessment
  • Access To Members Area
  • Bi-Weekly 1-2-1 Business Advice Session
  • Access To Weekly Office Hours
  • Access To The Support Help Desk
  • Up to 50% Discount On Other Services
  • Priority Support
  • Business Analysis & Reporting
Get 14 Day Free Access & Free Mentoring Session



starting at per month

Please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Which Plan To Choose?

  • Standard Plan

    The basic package is for everyone. If you have are starting a business and want advice and support in your journey. SGI lab will help you build the business you are looking for. If you have an existing business, you can rely upon SGI Lab as a trusted resource for advice and support as you grow your business.

  • Premium Plan

    The premium package is for people who feel they need additional support. We’ll provide everything in the standard package but you’ll get even more support from meeting bi-weekly to review what you need to do to develop your business. It will provide you with the advice and support you need to focus your business efforts on what is effective. You will also get the extra benefit from the additional reporting we’ll do for you that will help you to analyze your business and take it forward.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are very confident that regardless of the stage of your business development you will benefit from membership to SGI Lab. If you feel you are not getting any benefit from membership we’ll refund you your last month’s membership fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within a month you’ll see the benefits of subscribing to SGI Lab. The longer you stay, the longer you will feel the benefits. Even if your business growth plateaus, we’ll help you to drive your business growth with you.
There isn’t any limit to how many times you can contact us through the support desk. We’ll try to respond to our queries with some actionable advice as soon as possible.
You’ll get 1-2-1 business advice, on demand business support and help with your professional development as a business owner. We’ll also help you find additional funding for your business and help you manage your growth.
You will have access to everything. We’ll set you up on the Mentoring Platform and arrange a meeting with a mentor as soon as possible. You will have full access to the office hours and support desk.
You have a few options, If you want to write the plan yourself we have all the tools, templates and information guides on how to write a great business plan in SGI Lab. If you want us to review or write your business plan for you we can arrange a bespoke package and level of support.

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Our mission is to help people to achieve their goals. We can tailor our business mentoring program to your specific requirements, budget and circumstances. Use the form below to tell us about your project and what you need to get to the next level.

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