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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or an existing business owner seeking funding, growth opportunities, or fresh ideas? Unlock your potential with our all-inclusive Business Plan Template Toolkit, specifically designed to help you thrive.


Business Plan Template for Loans & Investment: Create a compelling business plan to secure funding and attract investors.

Investor Pitch Deck: Impress potential investors with a polished and persuasive pitch deck

Business Plan Examples: Gain inspiration and guidance from our curated collection of successful business plan sample

5-Year Financial Projections: Prepare comprehensive financial projections to demonstrate your business's viability and profitability.

UK Investor Database: Access an extensive database of Business Angels, Investment Platforms, Venture Capital Companies, and Loan Providers.

Business Interruption Action Plan: Safeguard your business with a proactive plan to overcome potential disruptions.

Business Startup Advice & Tools: Benefit from expert guidance and essential tools to launch and scale your business.

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Why Choose Our Professional Business Plan Template Package?

A robust business plan is crucial to the success of any venture. It serves as a roadmap, outlining goals, strategies, and operations while helping secure funding from investors and lenders. Our Business Plan Template Toolkit offers industry-standard tools, expert advice, and professional templates, empowering you to create a winning business plan.

No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, our Business Plan Template Toolkit will help you achieve your objectives with proven resources from successful businesses.

Benefits of Using Our Business Plan Template

  • Saves you time - Our template outlines all the key sections, so you don't have to start from scratch
  • Proven structure - Developed based on what investors want to see
  • Easy to customize - Add your company info and financials
  • Expert guidance - Instructions help you create a polished, professional plan
  • Designed for funding - Impress banks and investors with our template
  • Free bonuses - Download our pitch deck, financial templates, and other tools


What Is In The Business Plan Template Package?

Business Plan Template

It is the same business plan template and starting point we use with our clients. This template has helped us create hundreds of business plans and has raised millions in funding.

The business plan template will help you create a concise business plan outlining your business goals, strategies, and operations. It is essential to have a well-written business plan to secure funding, attract investors, and keep your business on track.

Business Plan Examples

In addition to our comprehensive business plan template, we've compiled a library of real-world business plan examples from various industries. These examples will allow you to see how different businesses have structured their plans and tailored them to their specific goals and audiences.

Financial Model

Craft a 5-year financial plan essential for investors and loan companies, including P&L, cash flow, and balance sheets.

Investor Pitch Deck

Capture investor interest with a professionally designed pitch deck template.

Investment Database

Discover funding opportunities with our extensive database of investment sources.

Growth Tools

Access a regularly updated list of essential tools for starting and growing your business.

Business Plan Canvas Template

Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and lean startup template for developing new or documenting existing business models. It's also known as a one-page business plan. It is an excellent way of evaluating your business idea.


Successful Businesses Who Have Used The Business Plan Template & Toolkit

Bioturm - Used our Business Plan Template

Yellobox - We wrote a successful business plan

TDS - Used our Business Model Canvas Sucessfully

The Charge EV - Grew their business with the business development toolkit

Completing the SGI Consultants Business Plan Template

The SGI Consultants business plan template provides a comprehensive framework to document your company's objectives, strategies, operations plan, target market, competitor analysis, marketing tactics, management team, financial projections and funding requirements.

This template ensures you capture details on all key areas investors assess when evaluating funding proposals. Let's explore how to complete the key sections:

Executive Summary

The executive summary is the most critical section to succinctly yet compellingly convey your core business concept, market opportunity, operations plan, and funding needs.

Complete These Key Areas

Business Summary - An overview of your venture's purpose, products/services, target customers, competitive differentiators, and funding requirements in 500 words optimised for emails, pitches and profiles. I assume readers will skim this first, so focus on conveying maximum impact upfront through crisp, benefit-driven business language.  

Market Potential Summary - Share hard data on your total addressable market size, growth rates and trends to demonstrate extensive business opportunity.

Competitor Summary - List your direct competitors and summarise how your solution uniquely solves customer needs 30-50% better on specific pain points.

Management Team Summary - Provide brief backgrounds on your team, highlighting experience directly relevant to executing this business model.  

Financial Summary - To convey viability, share key projections like first-year revenue, gross margins, expenses, and profitability.

Business Strategy

Document how your company will achieve its vision through: 

Mission statement- Your fundamental purpose and reason for existing.

Strategic objectives- Specific and measurable 3-5 year goals across revenue, funding, product development and distribution.

Core strategy- Overarching game plan guiding decisions and resource allocation to achieve your objectives. 

Tactics- Actual day-to-day programs and activities across marketing, product development, operations, sales, etc., to execute your strategy.

This alignment helps coordinate focus across teams towards unified outcomes.

Products & Services

Elaborate your product/service offerings by covering:

  • Precise description of key features solving target customer pain points
  • Unique value proposition versus competitors 
  • Pricing strategy, aligned to customer budgets and willingness to pay 
  • Ongoing product development roadmap based on the latest market trends    
  • The current stage of completed prototypes, MVPs or product iterations
  • Production plans detailing manufacturing, capacity and inventory management

Conveying a deep understanding of your offerings establishes credibility.


Market Analysis & Marketing Plan

Articulating a strong market opportunity supported by concrete customer segmentation and tailored go-to-market strategy builds investor confidence by demonstrating your venture:

  • Clearly defines and quantifies accessible customer segments
  • Offers products precisely tailored to underserved needs  
  • Has devised targeted strategies across pricing, distribution partnerships and promotions to acquire and retain customers amidst rivals competing for the same audiences. 

Operations Plan

Detailing a solid operations plan highlights your preparation to handle executing business functions like:

  • Establishing relationships with critical suppliers to secure favourable terms 
  • Installing technology/software essential to managing workflows
  • Recruiting and retaining industry specialists needed for production/service delivery
  • Implementing quality assurance protocols to ensure consistent and exemplary customer experiences

Management Team & Personnel

The capability of your team determines how effectively vision gets translated into reality. Demonstrate you have the strategic talent and experience vital to success.

  • Convey each senior leader's expertise across technology, marketing and finance portfolios.
  • Explain how directors uniquely equip you to capitalise on opportunities and navigate challenges. 
  • Profile advisory board members imparting insights you lack internally today but need to scale growth.

This expertise provides comfort amidst the inherent uncertainty of new ventures.

Financial Plan

Utilise this template's pre-formatted financial worksheets to detail projections across:

  • Assumptions shaping forecasts like customer conversion rates 
  • Income Statement (P&L) conveying Revenues, Cost of Goods Sold, Gross Margins, Overheads and Net Profit
  • Cash flow statement highlighting cash generated/spent  
  • Projected balance sheet itemising key assets and liabilities

Underpin all projections with clear rationales tied to existing customer acquisition costs and revenue ratios per distribution channel. 

Reality proves projections right or wrong, but only those grounded in research versus pure conjecture attract capital to accelerate journeys. 

Supporting Documents 

Leverage the appendix to provide relevant research extracts validating your market opportunity, competitive audits on rival offerings or images of prototypes and early product traction.

This qualitative data helps numbers leap off pages into stories, stirring investor curiosity.

While comprehensive, avoid overwriting. Be concise yet thorough since the objective conveys credibility within a plan readers can absorb efficiently. 


In summary, persistently reference the SGI Consultants template while completing your plan to ensure you deliver the depth and insights required to secure financing and partnerships to propel your venture forward successfully.

Our Business Plan Services

If you need more help, consider our done-for-you business plan writing service. Our team of experts can create a customized plan specific to your company and industry. We handle the entire process for you, so all you have to do is provide the information and details about your business.

Benefits include:

  • Save time - No need to struggle writing it yourself
  • Pro-level plans - Plans created by our experienced business plan writers
  • Tailored messaging - Content and financial models customized for your business
  • Polished & investor-ready - Plans designed to impress funding sources
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  • Expert strategy - Guidance from entrepreneurs & ex-investors

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