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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or an existing business owner seeking funding, growth opportunities, or fresh ideas? Unlock your potential with our all-inclusive Business Plan Template Toolkit, specifically designed to help you thrive.


Business Plan Template for Loans & Investment: Create a compelling business plan to secure funding and attract investors.

Investor Pitch Deck: Impress potential investors with a polished and persuasive pitch deck

Business Plan Examples: Gain inspiration and guidance from our curated collection of successful business plan sample

5-Year Financial Projections: Prepare comprehensive financial projections to demonstrate your business's viability and profitability.

UK Investor Database: Access an extensive database of Business Angels, Investment Platforms, Venture Capital Companies, and Loan Providers.

Business Interruption Action Plan: Safeguard your business with a proactive plan to overcome potential disruptions.

Business Startup Advice & Tools: Benefit from expert guidance and essential tools to launch and scale your business.


Why Choose Our Professional Business Plan Template Package?

A robust business plan is crucial to the success of any venture. It serves as a roadmap, outlining goals, strategies, and operations while helping secure funding from investors and lenders. Our Business Plan Template Toolkit offers industry-standard tools, expert advice, and professional templates, empowering you to create a winning business plan.

No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, our Business Plan Template Toolkit will help you achieve your objectives with proven resources from successful businesses.


What Is In The Business Plan Template Toolkit?

Business Plan Template

The same business plan template and starting point we use with our clients. This template has helped us create hundreds of business plans and has raised millions in funding.

The business plan template will help you create a concise business plan outlining your business goals, strategies, and operations. It is essential to have a well-written business plan to secure funding, attract investors, and keep your business on track.

Business Plan Examples

Please choose from our sample business plans tailored for different stages of business planning.

Financial Model

Craft a 5-year financial plan essential for investors and loan companies, including P&L, cash flow, and balance sheets.

Investor Pitch Deck

Capture investor interest with a professionally designed pitch deck template.

Investment Database

Discover funding opportunities with our extensive database of investment sources.

Growth Tools

Access a regularly updated list of essential tools for starting and growing your business.

Business Plan Canvas Template

Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and lean startup template for developing new or documenting existing business models. It's also known as a one-page business plan. It is an excellent way of evaluating your business idea.


Successful Businesses Who Have Used The Business Plan Template & Toolkit

Bioturm - Used our Business Plan Template

Yellobox - We wrote a successful business plan

TDS - Used our Business Model Canvas Sucessfully

The Charge EV - Grew their business with the business development toolkit

Key Sections Of The Business Plan Template

Everything you need to create a business plan is in the Business Startup Toolkit.  Download the files and use the guidance below to write your business plan.

Executive Summary

It's best to write this last after you've prepared the rest of your plan because this is simply a summary of the whole plan. It should ideally be one page, but two pages are equally acceptable.

Business Strategy

We tend to use a MOST analysis structure in this section.

This area covers:

(M) - Mission statement - The purpose of your business
(O) - Objectives - What you plan to achieve over the next few years
(S) - Strategy - How you will achieve your goals
(T) - Tactics - How you will implement your strategy

You can also add in other critical aspects of your business, for instance, your business philosophy, the industry you're in and legal ownership and key employees.

Products and Services

Describe your products and services, benefits for your customers, pricing and margins.

Marketing Plan

You need to explain how big your market size is and demonstrate whether it is growing, declining or evolving.
Explain your marketing activities including market research, market trends and size, external market economics, barriers to entry.

Describe your target market.

Provide detailed information about your competitors and why your target market will choose your company instead of them.

Information about your promotional activities to reach out and entice your potential customers to purchase your products and services.

Operations Plan

How you're going to produce your products and any distribution issues to get products to your customers and your key suppliers.

Management and Staff

Include the key people and advisors.

Financial Plan

Your financial plans should contain enough detail (i.e., monthly) for the first year then quarterly or yearly for the following two years.

Include a profit and loss account, a cash flow forecast and Balance Sheet and a break-even analysis.

Start-up Costs Budget

Detail the costs you'll incur to start or grow the business.


Now that you have a business plan template, it's time to write your own business plan. Keep in mind that a business plan is a living document, and you should revisit and update it regularly as your business grows and changes. Use your business plan to guide your decisions and keep you on track as you move forward.

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