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We can help you start your business, secure investment, get a Startup Loan or a Visa.

SGI Consultants are experienced professional business plan writers who write high-quality, bespoke business plans to help you attract investors, secure a bank loan or obtain approval from landlords or regulatory organisations.

All businesses should have a business plan. It is an essential document that provides a description and framework of your business’s future. Your business plan should explain your business strategy and fundamental goals to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Most people need help to write a business plan, and most self-written business plans need to be more comprehensive to get funding.

When you work with one of our business plan writers, you will get more than a business plan; you get a complete business service that helps you achieve your goals. Your business plan will be structured using our Business Success Formula, which lays the foundation for your success.

We only write bespoke business plans, written just for your business.  All business plans include market research, competitor analysis and financial projections (P&L, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Business Valuation & Break-Even Analysis).

Our business planning service's primary goal is to help you take the next step in your business development.

Whether you need a business plan for:

  • A business loan or startup loan
  • To secure investment from Angel Investors, VCs or Crowdfunding platforms
  • Get endorsement for an Innovator Founder Visa or Global Expansion Worker Visa.
  • Send to a landlord or agent to secure a property
  • Test the viability of your business.
  • To manage your business performance.

Our experienced business plan writers have helped over 1,800 entrepreneurs start and raise funding through our proven business planning process. We maintain an exceptional funding success rate of over 90% because of our meticulous approach rooted in startup best practices.

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Professional Business Plan Writing Services

Business Plan Features

Custom-Tailored to Your Business

Using a proprietary methodology, each business plan is developed from the ground up, specifically around your unique business model, industry landscape, target customers, and ownership goals. This bespoke approach allows us to focus on your precise needs.

Created by Industry Expert Business Plan Consultants

Our business plan writers and consultants have decades of combined experience across various industries, from technology to manufacturing to consumer goods. We leverage our extensive background in launching and advising startups to craft optimal strategies.

Ongoing Support and Guidance

We continue collaborating long after plan delivery during launch stages, funding discussions, or growth phases. Retain specialists as on-demand strategic advisors regarding pivots, ideas incubation, and due diligence prep.

Proprietary Business Success Framework

Our proven formula identifies strategic pillars present across various thriving modern companies. We instil elements like market viability, differentiated offerings, mitigated risk, and capital efficiency into all documentation.

Financial Models and Projections

Our business plan writers have extensive financial modelling backgrounds. They can build advanced models projecting revenue, costs, and cash flows based on business model specifics, industry metrics, and macroeconomic assumptions over 5-10 years.


  • Strategically validate your business viability
  • Attract investors and funding faster
  • Crystallise your business proposition
  • Mitigate risks through expert planning
  • Save time trying to write plans yourself
  • Focus energy on operations not documentation
  • Accelerate your ability to launch and scale

Business Planning Formula

Most successful businesses contain similar attributes. Our business plan writers follow our Business Success Formula on every business plan, ensuring your business plan includes everything you need to make your business successful.

business plan writers | business plan writer process

Your business plan will be meticulously rewritten and carefully crafted by our tried-and-true business success formula. This isn't a mere document; it's a strategic roadmap that integrates key principles and proven methodologies to lay a solid foundation for your business. 

Alignment with a Profitable Market (PM)

Your business plan will identify and analyse your target market, ensuring it's ripe for growth and success.

We'll help you uncover the true demand for your product or service, ensuring your market is both accessible and capable of sustaining your business.

Development of an Appealing Product or Service (PS)

We will assist you in articulating the unique value proposition of your offering.

Your product or service will be positioned not only to meet but exceed the expectations of your target audience.

Optimisation of Operational Strategy (Engine Optimization - EO)

Our formula incorporates robust marketing, sales, and operational strategies to create an efficient and profitable engine for your business.

From technological solutions to human capital, we'll help you build the systems that keep your business running smoothly.

Mitigation of External Threats:

Together, we'll identify and prepare for potential challenges from competition, market dynamics, economic factors, political landscape, and technological changes.

Your business plan will include contingency strategies to navigate these complexities.

Integration of Sustainable Growth Plans

Your business will be positioned for long-term success through careful working capital planning, ongoing business analysis, and continuous improvement strategies.

Collaboration and Expert Guidance

Your business plan writer will work closely with you to understand your vision, goals, and unique challenges.

Your business plan will be tailored to your specific needs, reflecting your ambition and aligning with best practices in your industry.

Business Planning Process

Your business plan writer will go through a 7-step process to ensure consistency and a high standard of work. You will work closely with your business plan writer. You can view your plan while it is being written and collaborate. It's a two-way process; you will entirely control the business plan writing process.

  • Discover - Our discovery calls reveal ambitions, challenges, and priorities to inform plan direction.
  • Research - We thoroughly analyse markets, competition, and trends to uncover growth opportunities. 
  • Strategize - Consultants translate research into strategic pillars formed by our proven methodology.
  • Model - Financial models, forecasts, and valuation scenarios quantify business potential.
  • Validate - We stress-test assumptions and fine-tune positioning for resilience.
  • Finalise - Plans optimised to showcase your venture's value propositions.
  • Launch - Advisory on pitching, funding sources, and investor discussions to capitalise on planning.

Standard delivery for our business planning services is 21 days. However, if you need it faster, we can complete it by your deadline.  We guarantee our business plans will improve your business model and help you on the road to getting funding for your business. Our business plan writers will not stop working for you until you have reached your goal.

Pricing Aligned to Each Phase of Growth

Our tiered plans and customised packages are designed to provide a comprehensive business plan service matched to your business’s development needs. We recognise every business follows a nonlinear progression - with shifting priorities across planning, funding, operations and expansion. 

That's why we offer business plan solutions tailored to each phase, allowing flexibility to focus on specific business aspects at any given point on your journey. 

The Basic plan is aimed at those seeking pre-seed funding from government startup loans and grant schemes. Our popular Standard Plan provides a comprehensive business plan for loans, landlords, visas and investors. The Premium plan is aimed at companies seeking high growth potential, aiming to impress investors and endorsing bodies. The Elite Plans advisory services provide additional support and guidance to help you reach your goals.

With every engagement, our business plan writers and consultants transfer decades of experience into frameworks personalised for your success, empowering your startup to strategically progress to that critical next level.


Basic Plan

The Basic plan covers essential business plan components and funding advice for entrepreneurs seeking small or government loans and grants.
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Basic Support & Advice

Basic Market Research

Basic Executive Summary

3 Years of Financial Projections

Basic Business Analysis (Risk Analysis, SWOT)

Marketing Plan

Operations Plan

Basic Competitor Analysis

Business Plan Written In Loan Provider Template

Funding Advice / Application Support


Standard Plan

The Standard plan provides comprehensive business plans adapted for worldwide startup and business visa programs, fundraising, investor-ready formatting, detailed marketing and 5-year projections.

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Basic Support & Advice

Standard Market Research

Heptalysis Executive Summary

Standard Market Research

5 Years Of Financial Projections

Marketing Plan

Operations Plan

Competitor analysis

Standard Business Analysis (Risk Analysis, SWOT, PESTLE)

Funding Advice / Visa Application Advice

Investor ready format


Premium Plan

The Premium plan offers enhanced research and analysis for startups pitching to top-tier investors and endorsing bodies, with multiple plan versions, valuation, and expert consultation sessions. 

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Standard Support & Advice

Heptalysis Executive Summary

Advanced Market Research

5 Years Of Financial Projections With Sensitivity Analysis

Detailed marketing plan

Competitor analysis with Porter Five Forces Analysis

Advanced Business Analysis (Risk Analysis, SWOT, PESTLE)

Business Valuation (Pre & Post Money)

Funding Advice / Visa Application Advice

Investor-ready format

Investor-ready Pitch Deck


Elite Plan

The all-inclusive Elite plan features the highest level of business plan preparation with extensive analysis, scenario models, and dedicated mentorship to position leading startups for Series A funding.

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Priority Support & Advice

Heptalysis Executive Summary

Advanced Market Research

5 Years Of Financial Projections With Sensitivity Analysis

Detailed marketing plan

Competitor analysis with Porter Five Forces Analysis

Advanced Business Analysis (Risk Analysis, SWOT, PESTLE)

Business Valuation (Pre & Post Money)

Funding Advice / Visa Application Advice

nvestor-ready format

Investor-ready Pitch Deck

Multiple Business Plans Based on Funding Scenarios

Post Engagement Support

Business Plan Types We Write


A loan business plan should focus on demonstrating repayment ability, financial management capabilities, and risk mitigation. Project realistic cash flows, include collateral/security details, and outline measures in place to ensure consistent profits.


An investment business plan should highlight large market opportunities, key competitive advantages and IP, projections of high returns, and strengths of the leadership team. The goal is to get investors excited about growth potential.


A visa business plan must thoroughly validate your startup's viability and significant growth prospects in the UK market. This includes extensive market research and competitor analysis to demonstrate a clear customer need and gap in the competitive landscape. The plan should also include five years of realistic yet ambitious financial projections for revenue and jobs created. Finally, you must detail how you will invest visa funds into UK growth, including specifics on expenditures over two years and the precise impact on target customer acquisition, product development, hiring projections and other expansion metrics. 

Established Businesses

Existing companies need business plans when entering new growth stages. These plans detail expansion goals, new marketing initiatives, partnerships and hires to support scaling, and updated financials connected to these growth strategies.

Additional Business Planning Services

At SGI Consultants, we offer complementary services to support your business growth and success.

Our experienced consultants and analysts provide expert guidance and support tailored to your needs.

Financial Forecasting and Analysis

Our financial experts can help you create accurate, data-driven financial projections to support your business planning and decision-making. We offer standalone services, including:

  • Detailed financial modelling and sensitivity analysis

  • Cash flow forecasting and budgeting

  • Financial viability and profitability assessments

  • Scenario planning and risk analysis

Our financial forecasting and analysis services enable you to make informed decisions, optimise your financial performance, and achieve your growth objectives.

Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Understanding your market and competitors is crucial for business success. Our market research and competitive analysis services provide in-depth insights to help you:

  • Identify and prioritise target customer segments

  • Assess market size, trends, and growth potential

  • Analyse competitor strengths, weaknesses, and strategies

  • Identify opportunities for differentiation and competitive advantage

  • Develop effective market positioning and go-to-market strategies

With this knowledge, you can make data-driven decisions, refine your business strategy, and build a sustainable competitive edge.

Pitch Deck Design and Development

A compelling pitch deck is essential for securing investment and stakeholder buy-in. Our team can create professional, visually impactful pitch decks communicating your business idea, value proposition, and growth potential. We offer:

  • Customised pitch deck design aligned with your brand identity

  • Compelling storytelling and content development

  • Visualisation of key metrics, milestones, and financial projections

  • Coaching and support for pitch delivery and investor meetings

With a powerful pitch deck, you can make a lasting impression on investors and stakeholders and increase your chances of success.

Fundraising Strategy and Support

Navigating the fundraising process can be complex and time-consuming. Our fundraising experts can help you develop and execute a comprehensive strategy to secure the capital you need to grow your business.

We provide:

  • Identification and prioritisation of potential investors

  • Development of compelling investment materials and proposals

  • Coaching and support for investor meetings and negotiations

  • Advice on valuation, deal structure, and terms

  • Ongoing support and guidance throughout the fundraising process

With our fundraising strategy and support services, you can focus on running your business while we help you secure the investment you need to achieve your goals.

Business Coaching and Mentoring

Starting and growing a business can be challenging, but you don't have to navigate it alone. Our experienced business coaches and mentors provide ongoing guidance and support to help you:

  • Refine your business strategy and operational plans

  • Identify and overcome obstacles to growth

  • Develop effective leadership and management skills

  • Make data-driven decisions and optimise performance

  • Build a strong, sustainable business foundation

With our business coaching and mentoring services, you can benefit from the wisdom and experience of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who are invested in your success.

Visa Application Support for Lawyers

We partner with law firms to provide comprehensive business planning support for clients seeking Innovator Founder or Global Mobility visas to start businesses in the UK. Our expert business plan writers work closely with your legal team to develop plans that meet all visa requirements, including:

  • Extensive market research and competitor analysis demonstrating apparent demand and market opportunity in the UK

  • Detailed 5-year financial projections showcasing revenue growth and job creation potential

  • Strategies for investing visa funds into UK business growth, with specific expenditure plans and anticipated impact on key expansion metrics.

Due Diligence and Growth Planning for Investors, Incubators, and Accelerators

We offer in-depth business planning services for investors, incubators, and accelerators to support your portfolio companies' growth and funding goals. Our team can assist with:

  • Conducting thorough due diligence on business models, market potential, and financial projections to validate investment opportunities

  • Developing comprehensive growth strategies and detailed execution plans to guide startups through successful funding rounds and scaling phases.

  • Creating investor-ready business plans and pitch decks that effectively communicate each venture's unique value proposition and growth potential to secure further investment

By leveraging our business strategy, financial modelling, and investor relations expertise, we help your portfolio companies navigate the startup landscape's complexities and position themselves for long-term success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our business plan writers all have 10+ years of experience across various industries. We take a highly customized approach to understanding clients' unique business needs and goals. Our plans incorporate proven methodologies to set your business up for funding and long-term success.
The cost of hiring someone to write a business plan varies depending on the length and complexity of the plan. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from £350 to £3,000 for professional business plan services.
Our business plan writers have worked with clients across every industry - tech, healthcare, consumer products, manufacturing, professional services, hospitality, retail, and more. We've helped 1000+ companies with customized plans specific to their industry.
Our standard turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, but we can expedite plans in as little as 5-7 days depending on complexity and scope. Just let your writer know your deadline, and we will deliver. Rush fees may apply for faster turnarounds.
First, we will provide you with a full quotation and then a contract with a full work schedule. If you pay upfront, we can offer you a 20% discount on all plans. If you pay via instalment, as an expression of commitment on your part, we ask our clients for a 30%-50% deposit. Subsequent payments are based on work that has been completed to your satisfaction. We also offer payment plans.
Register your interest, and a Business Plan consultant will contact you and provide you with a personalised quotation for your business.
There are four types of business plans: traditional, lean, startup, and micro. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so you'll need to select the right one for your company based on your needs.
A business plan writer/business plan consultant is a business and financial expert who can help guide you through creating a business plan and do much of the work in writing and preparing the financial analysis involved in making it. A business plan writer usually takes the lead in preparing your business plan. A business plan consultant will advise you on how to prepare your business plan. Our service combines both.

The three most important purposes of a business plan are:

  • To create an effective strategy for growth.
  • To determine your future financial needs.
  • To secure a loan or attract investors (including angel investors and VC funding) and lenders.
The length of a business plan can vary depending on the specific business and its needs. It also depends on the intended audience for your business plan. For instance, some Investors may need more analysis than a loan provider. However, most business plans are between 15-and 30 pages of content. Speak to your business plan writer about the intended audience; he/she may recommend making two or more separate plans for different audiences.
There is no one answer to this question, as many factors can contribute to the failure of a business plan. However, some common reasons why business plans fail include unrealistic goals, lack of market research, and insufficient funding. Without a well-thought-out plan that considers all aspects of the business, it is likely to face difficulties down the road. Our business plan writers will always be upfront with you about the viability of your business and will provide an assessment of your chances of raising funding.
While we can't guarantee funding, our plans are designed to meet investor and lender requirements. Over 85% of our clients secure funding thanks to our formulaic approach, financial modelling, and presentation quality plans. But ultimately, funding depends on your business viability and metrics.
Yes, we provide one year of revision support. As your business evolves, connect with your writer, and we will update the plan at no additional cost within the first year following delivery.

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Many entrepreneurs make avoidable mistakes early on or have gaps in their business plans or ideas. Book a session to get an outside look at your business and a professional opinion on improvements to set you up for success.