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We’ll Help You Start Your Own Business Faster & Easier 

Very few people get rich by working for someone else. If you are ambitious and don’t want to be tied down to a 9-5, then you are going to have to do it for yourself and start your own business.

That being said, starting a business is not easy. You have to write a business plan, find funding and research the market and set up operations.

Our business startup services have been developed to help you start your own business faster and easier. We’ll help you develop your business idea, write a business plan, find a profitable market and determine a clear path to success. In a matter of weeks, you could start your own business and start building a better future for you and your family.

The primary goal of our business startup service is to help you to reach the next step in the development of your business. Whether its to get funding or investment in your business, to prove your concept with market research, test the viability of your idea with financials projections or to secure your residency in the UK, we’ll help you every step of the way.

What We Do

  • Idea Development

    If you have an idea but do not have much information, we can help you develop your idea further and build a business plan around it. All of our plans come with business advice that helps you take your idea to the next level.

  • Professional Business Plan

    We are professional startup consultants & business plan writers and can write for you a high-quality business plan for any business or purpose. All of our business plans are bespoke, they are written just for your business. They come with market research, competitor analysis and financial projections (P&L, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Business Valuation & Break Even Analysis).

  • Faster Go To Market Times

    Starting a business takes a lot of effort and if you are alone or in a small team it could take years to start-up. If you take too long, the opportunity could be lost. We help speed up go-to-market times by using industry standard business start-up techniques and practices.

  • Business Funding Advice

    Finding the right investors for your business can take some time if you do not know where to look. We’ll help you connect with investors and prepare documents to impress them.

  • Business Model Improvements

    90% of startups fail, most were doomed to fail because they were not setup correctly to begin with. Every business we work with is risk assessed against our Business Success Formula and Business Framework. This reduces business failure rates dramatically.

  • Setting Up Operations

    We’ll help you set your business up, from choosing the right legal structure to recruiting and training staff.

  • Project Management

    Starting your own business can be complicated. We’ll project manage the launch of your business, ensuring everything is set up and all members of your team understand their tasks.

Who We Help


Whether you have a new business idea you think will become “the next big thing” or want to become self-employed we have solutions that will help you.  Turning your idea into a business can be complicated. You will face challenges building a team, developing your product, conducting market research, business planning and finding funding. Our services are tailored to your unique business challenges. We’ll help you to develop your business idea,  refine your USP and improve your business model.


Starting out is exceptionally difficult, the prospect of not having many customers with limited funds can be very stressful. Your business is vulnerable to market fluctuations, and you must plan ahead to ensure its survival.

The statistics do not lie; most start-ups fail within the first two years of setting up. The reasons why start-ups fail are not economic or market driven. Most start-ups fail because of management decisions, their inability to recognise challenges, react and find solutions. Many issues are not picked up quickly enough because they do not have a robust performance management process.

This is where we can help; we can implement a performance management framework so you can quickly detect risks and issues so they can be rectified quickly.

Startup Services

Our Business Startup Services is fast and straightforward solution for entrepreneurs and startups.

We help you to:

  • Develop your idea.
  • Set up a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to validate your business idea and analyse customer interaction with your business.
  • Write your business plan
  • Help you finding funding start your business.
  • Help you set up operations in your business

To ensure you have ongoing support in your business development we have developed an outsourced solution for you to start your business faster and easier.

SGI Lab is our business mentoring, business coaching and business consulting service.

SGI Lab Members get access to our premium tools & content; they can join our 1-2-1 business mentoring program and can access all of our business support channels.

You can also get a discount of up to 50% on our core services when you join SGI Lab. You can book a 7-day trial here.


Our pricing is based on the complexity of the business and the level of support you require. The pricing table includes a 20% advance payment discount. Payments can also be paid by milestone and by monthly payments



  • Idea Development
  • Mini Business Plan
  • Startup & Funding Advice
  • Setting Up Operations
  • Project Management
  • Unlimited Support
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  • Idea Development
  • Basic Business Plan
  • Startup & Funding Advice
  • Setting Up Operations
  • Project Management
  • Unlimited Support
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  • Idea Development
  • Premium Business Plan
  • Startup & Funding Advice
  • Setting Up Operations
  • Project Management
  • Unlimited Support
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Payment Options

Working capital is critically important for startups and small businesses. You don’t have to pay everything up front; we have flexible payment solutions. You can pay by milestone, instalment or monthly.

We treat each client differently so book a Free Consultation or call us to find out what type of solution we can offer you.

If you already have a business plan, we can review it for free and assess how much additional work is required to bring your plan up to the required standard. Any content we can use in your updated plan we will be taken off the price off of your new professionally written business plan.


Every business we help launch goes through a 7 step process to ensure consistency and a high standard of work. You will work closely with your start-up advisor. You will be able to view your plan while it is being written and collaborate with your advisor. It is a two-way process, and you will have full control of the business start-up process.

  • Step 1 - The Kick Off

    We find out about your business idea, market, and ambitions as a business owner.

  • Step 2 - Research

    We will find out as much about your market and your competition. Working closely together we will develop ways to test your business idea. This stage is critical for your business development. We’ll to help you improve your business idea and develop it into a real business.

  • Step 3 - Business Building

    We will find out the best source of funding for your business and write your business plan using all the information we have received from you and what we have found out in the research phase.

  • Step 4 - Draft 1

    We’ll do a draft with the information we have available. We’ll assess your business against our business success formula and highlight the areas that need development.

  • Step 5 - Draft 2 (Optional)

    The second draft rectifies any issues discovered in the first draft.

  • Step 6 - Approval

    No project is complete without you approving the work.

  • Step 7 - Completion

    The plan is complete, but our support is not necessarily over. Before you go, we’ll agree how we will support you in the next stage of your business development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our startup service is the ideal first step if you want to start your own business. We’ll will give you all the advice and tools you need to get started. We’ll also advise you of any additional support you may need and where to find it.
We start of every project with a Free Consultation. We will analyse your business and then prepare a consultation report for you.
Once we have all the information about your business idea we can get back to you within a 5-7 days. We can then get started on helping you start your business. Every business is different, some can be started in weeks, others may take months.
Sign up or contact us and we’ll start you off with a Free Consultation, it will help you clarify what you need to do and provide you with free business startup advice.

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