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Learn How To Test Your Business Idea

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Most entrepreneurs spend hours working on their product and for several months when starting their business. Research is great, however, there becomes a point where you have to test your business idea and find out whether your product will sell. There is no value in holding onto a product for until it’s 100% complete and when it’s released onto the …

5 Business Plan Mistakes

5 Business Plan Mistakes To Avoid & Write A Great Plan

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If your business requires investment, then it is likely you will have to write a business plan. Writing a business plan is not that difficult just as long as you understand what the potential investor is expecting to see. Below are some of the common business plan mistakes made by entrepreneurs. 1. They Don’t Understand The Purpose Of The Plan …

how to write a business plan

How To Write A Business Plan That Gets Investment

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Many entrepreneurs get confused about what to include in their business plan.  In short, there is no correct answer. What you include in your business plan depends on the business, the purpose of the business plan and the intended audience. There are however some core components every business plan should include. Below is an explanation of how to write a business …