how to make your business a success

How To Make Your Business Successful

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There are a couple of questions we get asked a lot. “How to make your business successful?” and “How do we get from being a start-up to being a successful and established business?” We have studied hundreds of different businesses and have identified a few common characteristics most of them share. Business Success Formula We have simplified this system and …


5 Mistakes To Avoid When Growing Your Business

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As soon as a business a business secures their first few customers they immediately turn their attention to growing. All businesses should strive to grow but many are unsuccessful in their growth plans and this ultimately leads to their business failing. There are five common business mistakes that prevent a business from growing.   1. They Haven’t Planned Properly For Growth. …


5 Reasons To Crowd Fund Your Startup

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UK-based investment crowdfunding platform Crowdcube shared it assisted 105 businesses and raised £35.9 million in funding for 2014. This represents a 246% increase compared to 2013 and means Crowdcube maintains the title of UK’s largest equity crowdfunding site. It is not just Crowdcube that has seen such huge growth. In the last 3 years, the global crowdfunding economy has more …

business funding options

Business Funding Options To Get Your Business Launched

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Most businesses need some kind of funding to get started. Getting business funding remains one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face. To reduce time and hassles in getting funding for your business it’s important to understand the options available to you. Below is a brief introduction to some of the most common business funding options available. Friends and Family It’s …