Customers Case Studies

Over the past 6 Years we have worked with over 1,600 entrepreneurs and companies. Below are just a few of the businesses we have worked with. is the live streaming platform that connects a community of over 25,000 amateur, up-and-coming and professional DJs, producers and personalities.

When they come to use they had a “buggy” platform and no paying customers. They needed to develop the plan platform, find funding and acquire customers.

We prepared a comprehensive business plan and pitch deck to help get a £25k loan and a year later seed investment.  They now have users in 130 countries accross the world.

Snap Terp

Disruptive app that helps deaf people connect with BSL interpreters close to them via their mobile phone.

It took owner years of R&D to develop the app. Needed help to find additional finance to continue development and bring the app to market.

We helped to design beta trial. Prepared business plan to secure seed funding,  recruit qualified interpreters and beta users.


Livability is a national Christian disability and community engagement charity.

They were suffering a Steady decline in donations.  This meant they needed to remodel their business and add more commercial operations to survive.

A Thorough business review was needed. Under performing operations were closed. New commercial operations were set up. Robust financial projections were implemented along with regular business reviews.

They managed to reduce their budget deficit by £2m.


SlideRocket is a revolutionary new approach to business communications designed from the start to help make great presentations that engage audiences and deliver tangible results.

They had a freemium business model and had problems converting free users into paid customers.  This resulted in serious cash flow problems.

We developed their business strategy and plan to help them improve conversion rates.  Improvement in performance enabled them to sell the business.


Craft beer importer and distributor.

After operating for a year successfully.  They needed a capital injection to buy more stock and grow the business.

We helped them connect with investors and partners by preparing a high quality business plan.  They managed to raise £100k.


The World’s Leading Open Source Email Collaboration Solution. Over 500 million people rely on Zimbra and enjoy enterprise-class open source email collaboration at the lowest TCO in the industry.

As an open Source product, they were struggling to sell their premium product and consulting services.  This was adversely affecting their cash flow.

We help them reshape their business model and developed a strategy for them for the next 3-5 years.  They Grew revenue YoY after working with us and were eventually acquired by Synacor.


Business Intelligence add on for Salesforce.  Quarrio takes the mystery out of getting information out of

After completing an MVP with good results. They needed early stage development required pitch and business to help them find an investor.

We advised them on their business model , built a robust revenue plan. Helped them to produce investor documentation to obtain seed funding.

Better Lifestyle

Lifestyle development company, core purpose is to provide customers with the finest and most relevant lifestyle products and services available, anytime and anywhere.

Owners were successful marketing executives trying to extend their brand into an emerging market.  They needed support to help them connect with a new audience and secure funding to grow.

We planned the business model from the outset. We helped the owners to identify and monetise their target market.  We also managed financials projections & business reviews.

It resulted in YoY growth of 50%. To date 250+ companies have signed up to the platform.


Cheerfy is the incredibly simple customer recognition and relationship system that enables you to use your Wi-Fi to know more about clients in real time and stay in touch later.

The founders were experienced entrepreneurs.  Needed additional support to help them connect with investors and advisors while they were busy running the business.

We helped prepare pitch documents and business plan for a successful crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube.


Nimber is a collaborative peer-to-peer service that connects people who need to send something from one place to another with people going that way anyway.

They needed early stage finance to launch the business after successful manual MVP .

They raised seed funding and  have received great user review and national press coverage.

Hewitt Stone

Hewitt Stone stands proud as one of the leading Actuarial recruitment companies. As one of the most reputable and reliable names in the industry.

A bootstrapped company started from ground up.  Needed support to grow business from £2m revenue business to £20m in the next 3 years.

They have recruited 20 new consultants and have YoY growth of more than 700%.