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Attract Investors To Your Business With EIS Advance Assurance

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If you are hoping to get funding from a UK based Angel Investor or use an equity based crowdfunding website, then you need your shares to qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme as it reduces the risk in investing your business for an investor, thus making it more attractive.

The first stage in in the process is getting EIS advanced assurance.

Applying for EIS advance assurance enables HMRC to confirm in writing that, on the basis of the information you’ve provided, your company share offer will qualify for the EIS scheme.

Receiving the advance assurance will also facilitate the next step of filing the EIS1 form following the share issue as HMRC will be less likely to ask questions if they already have the company on record from the advance assurance stage.


What You’ll Get

Like with any tax related process, filling in the paperwork is complicated. We will cut through all the HMRC jargon and work with you to understand your business model and send your application to the HMRC.

We ensure everything is set up and provide all the details about your business and structure to get the best chance of being awarded advanced assurance.

All you need to do is talk to an advisor and provide all of your company details and we’ll handle the rest of the EIS advanced assurance application process for you.

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