Frequenty Asked Questions

We get lots of questions every day from entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get asked.

Who Are You?

We are head-quartered in London but have consultants based in the US and Asia. Most of our services are delivered virtually therefore reducing the requirement for face to face consulting.
We don’t specialise in any industry. Our consultants have experience in a variety of sectors. Specialising in any one sector would prevent us from drawing experience and best practices across the business in a variety of companies.
We have worked with a variety of businesses across many sectors and at various stages of their business development.
99% of businesses are small and their owners are individuals passionate about what they do. We share this passion.

What Do You Do?

We have a Business Success Formula and Consulting Framework of 12 business areas which we analyse to help boost performance. We use the same formula and framework to optimise start-ups before they launch.
How long it takes to write a plan depends on how much information the entrepreneur provides us with, the size and complexity of the business, how much funding is required and the funding source(s).
Profitability depends on how long it takes to develop your business strategy, product, get funding and set up operations. Then having good enough marketing and sales plans to generate revenue. We work with our clients to build realistic sales projections based on proven demand for their goods.
We have three core services. Business Plan writing, The Business Launcher and the Business 360. It depends on what how big and complex your business is. We aim to provide you with value for money and give you a return many times greater than your investment.

How Can You Help?

Most people have at least one business idea they would like to launch into a business. We help test and develop business ideas into businesses quicker than it would be done alone. We also help entrepreneurs avoid common start-up mistakes that put new businesses in jeopardy.
To get funding or investment in a business you will usually require a business plan, proposal, pitch or application form. We prepare these documents tailored for investors and/or funders.
We can help your business grow in two ways. First, we analyse your current business operations and find improvements. Second, we help identify growth opportunities and implement growth plans.
We analyse all components of a business as part of our framework. We identify business issues and implement business improvements that can help save a business in trouble.

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