Financial Health Check

Get Your Business Finances Assessed & Fix Financial Issues

Managing finances is usually the hardest part of running a business. If you do not manage your finances effectively, you could waste a lot of money and put your business at risk.

The Financial Health Check is a total financial review for your business. It will help you rectify any financial issues and set you on a path to success. We will look at your financing, working capital, spending, cash flow management and financial reporting.



Our Process

Each engagement goes through a 7 step process to ensure consistency and a high standard of work.

  • The Kick Off

    Once you have ordered, you can book an appointment to meet with a consultant straightaway, otherwise we’ll contact you to book a time. In the consultation we will ask you questions about your business and areas you require help.

  • Research

    We will find out as much about your market/industry and your competition. This stage is critical.

  • Initial Report

    We’ll prepare an initial report using all the information we have received from you and what we have found out in the research phase.

  • Consultation

    In the consultation we will discuss our findings in the initial report and look at possible solutions.

  • Final Report

    We will update the interim report with any issues discovered in the consultation.

  • Approval

    No project is complete without you approving the work.

  • Completion

    The engagement is complete, but our support is not over. Before you go, we’ll agree how we will support you in the next stage of your business development.

What You’ll Get

You will know exactly what is going wrong with your business financially and will be able and grow your business.~

You will get a consultation report with:

  • Cost Reduction Advice & Strategies
  • Cash flow Management Advice
  • Financial Reporting Models for Management Accounting
  • Funding Advice

All you need to talk with an advisor and we will assess your financial position and work on a path to success.

1 Year Guarantee

Expected results are defined before we start work. All work is guaranteed for 1 year.

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