A Guide To Getting Noticed At Your Next Trade Show

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Trade shows can offer your business the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of your brand and attract interest in your products or services. However, with so many other companies all vying for attention, there’s a knack to getting noticed at these events. If you’re not careful, your firm will fail to make the impact you’re after. So, to help you attract interest at your next show, it pays off to bear the following simple but effective tips in mind.

Make Sure Your Reps Stand Out

The people who represent your organisation at trade shows should always stand out. Perhaps the simplest way to achieve this is to provide them with company branded clothing. By giving them garments that display your firm’s name and logo, you can help ensure they are effective brand ambassadors. Embroidered clothes are always a popular choice. This customisation technique involves sewing a design into garments and it has a professional look and feel. For example, Fire Label’s corporate embroidery service, which utilises computerised embroidery machines, enables you to opt for coloured stitching in intricate designs. Ideally, as well as showcasing your name and logo, these clothes should reflect your company colours. This will help to reinforce your branding.

Have An Eye-Catching Stand

Your stand must be eye-catching too. Especially at large-scale events, you’re likely to be competing against a large number of organisations to get people’s attention, so your stand has to really speak to your target audience. There are now a range of display stands to choose from, and it’s crucial that you choose one that’s a suitable size and shape for the events you have in mind. Professionally printed posters can help to finish your stands to perfection, and you might want to take the step of fitting lights to help bring your display to life. In terms of content, try not to cram too much text onto your stands as this is likely to turn people off. Instead, stick to simple, clear and compelling points that help to draw people’s attention.

Give Out Freebies

Everyone loves a freebie and so giving out branded merchandise is a great way to attract people to your stand. From pens and keyrings to lanyards and memory sticks, there are a whole host of items you can give to trade show goers. As well as helping to entice people over to your stand, these freebies will serve as marketing tools – enabling you to boost brand recognition. Obviously, handing out objects like these will cost your company, but if it helps to make your trade show appearance a success, this should be money well spent.
Generally speaking, as long as you give yourself enough time to prepare for these events, you’ll be able to ensure your business gets noticed.