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Maximising Profit: Top Instagram Business Ideas for 2024

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Instagram has rapidly grown from a photo-sharing app to a dynamic business innovation hub. With over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide and over 26 million in the UK alone, Instagram offers vast opportunities to reach and engage with potential customers.

As we enter 2024, the landscape of lucrative Instagram business ideas continues evolving. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, established brand or small business owner, Instagram provides an ideal launchpad to authentically yet strategically showcase your products and services.

This article delves into the most promising and profitable Instagram business concepts for 2024. You’ll uncover insights from social media experts, real-world success stories and data-backed recommendations on converting your Instagram presence into a thriving business.

Instagram’s visual and interactive nature lends itself well to a diverse range of business types. According to Oberlo, here are some of the most popular and lucrative sectors to consider in 2024.

1. Social Media Marketing Agencies

With 91% of Instagram users following at least one business, the platform presents a major opportunity for brands to reach consumers. As social media marketing grows, agencies specialising in Instagram brand strategy, content creation and digital advertising can thrive. Services may include consultations, account management, graphic design, influencer partnerships and sponsored promotions.

The UK Instagram user base is expected to hit 28.2 million monthly active users by 2025, signalling strong demand for social media services. Specialising in Instagram marketing also allows agencies to charge premium rates compared to general social media services.

2. Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing industry will grow to £12 billion globally by 2025. On Instagram specifically, brand-sponsored influencer posts increased by over 48% from 2020 to 2021.

Micro and nano-influencers are trendy partnership choices for UK brands. With highly engaged audiences in the thousands to tens of thousands, these influencers often have stronger connections with their followers and may offer more affordable promotions than celebrities.

Building an audience and monetising your Instagram influence through brand collaborations, affiliate links, and merchandise represents a major business opportunity for individuals.

3. Physical Product Sales

Instagram Shopping, shoppable posts and “swipe up” links make it seamless for brands to drive sales of physical products. BigCommerce analysed 25,000 Instagram Shop accounts and found the platform drove 3.1% higher conversion rates than other social media.

Nearly every retail category can leverage Instagram to showcase products with visually appealing photos and videos. However, boutique fashion, handmade crafts, vintage clothing, speciality foods, and artisanal homeware tend to thrive most on Instagram Shopping.

4. Digital Products and Services

Selling digital downloads and online services removes the need to store and ship physical inventory. Instagram is the perfect platform to market and directly sell digital offerings, from workout programs and meal plans to photography presets online courses and ebooks.

Digital businesses also benefit from Instagram’s global reach and convenience for customers. In 2022, 96% of small businesses on Instagram attracted international audiences from trending hashtags and features like Locations and Hashtag Stories.

5. Creative and Tech Services

Instagram presents the ideal showcase for creative and tech professionals to display their skills to prospective clients through visually compelling portfolio posts and Stories. Photographers, videographers, graphic designers, web developers and similar fields can all promote their services via Instagram.

Positioning yourself as an industry expert through sharing tips, behind-the-scenes content, and cohort hashtags like #instagraphicdesign also helps grow an organically relevant audience to your services. Scouts from talent agencies even discover rising professionals from viral Instagram posts, which can fast-track lucrative opportunities.

Leveraging Instagram Tools and Features

Beyond its foundations as a photo and video feed, Instagram offers various features to creatively engage your audience and promote your brand as a business.

Instagram Stories

  • Over 500 million Instagram users watch Stories daily.
  • Ideal for time-sensitive content, behind-the-scenes exclusives, special offers/promotions, new product teasers and UGC (user-generated-content)
  • Can link websites or specific products to drive traffic and sales
  • Provide valuable insights on viewers and engagement from Story stickers and polls

Instagram Reels

  • Short, entertaining videos under 30 seconds with music/audio, effects and more creative tools
  • Strong discoverability through Instagram’s recommendation algorithm
  • Seamless editing and production from within the Instagram app
  • Include branded hashtags and handles to increase visibility

Instagram Live

  • A raw, authentic way to engage followers in real-time with live Q&As, how-tos, tutorials, events, etc
  • Followers receive notifications when you start a live stream, helping boost views.
  • Viewers can interact via comments and also send Stars as donations/tips
  • Livestreams automatically save to IGTV after ending for continued consumption

IGTV Long-Form Vertical Video

  • Vertical full-screen videos for up to 10 minutes (60 minutes for accounts meeting follower thresholds)
  • Provides flexibility for more in-depth brand storytelling, product demos, interviews, etc
  • Content is uploaded directly from the device camera or via video editing apps.
  • Include relevant hashtags, location tags, and follower handles to maximise discovery.

IG Shop + Product Tags

  • Simplifies the path from discovering products to checkout
  • Users can now complete purchases without leaving Instagram
  • Clean aesthetics and optimised user experience
  • Backend analytics provide customer insights to inform marketing

Creative use of Instagram’s suite of features shapes a comprehensive content marketing strategy – driving meaningful reach, engagement, conversions and brand loyalty.

Case Studies: Successful Brands on Instagram

To inspire your own Instagram business launch and optimise proven strategies, examining UK and global brand examples across sectors provides invaluable market research.

Gymshark @gymshark

Fitness apparel retailer Gymshark has become an Instagram brand powerhouse by building an engaged community and leveraging influencer marketing.

Followers: 7.1 million
Avg Likes Per Post: Over 150,000

Key Tactics

  • Spotlight GymShark’s athletes and ambassadors wearing new apparel lines
  • Foster UGC by reposting user photos of customers wearing their activewear
  • Partner with fitness influencers and host exclusive events to drive reach and buzz
  • Respond to all user comments and questions to provide attentive customer service at scale
  • Implement giveaways and competitions to collect user-generated content and followers

Gymshark’s Instagram presence authentically interacts with fans while expanding authority as fitness leaders. This cultivates brand familiarity and purchase intent when customers seek activewear online or in stores.

HauteBar @HauteBar

This booming startup, HauteBar, sells custom graze tables for events and recently launched artisanal bottled cocktails.

Followers: 18.3K
Avg Likes Per Post: 700

Key Tactics

  • Mouthwatering photos and boomerangs attracting events and hospitality clients
  • Encourage UGC from happy customers and repost on their feed
  • Tag vendors and suppliers to expand awareness amongst partners
  • Include details on booking graze tables or purchasing bottled drinks
  • Share Instagram Story highlights on themes like testimonials, menu offerings and styling tips

HauteBar scales clientele by leveraging Instagram to showcase offerings vividly. Their Instagrammable, upmarket aesthetic targets their ideal customer avatar.

Imperfect Foods UK @imperfectfoodsuk

As an e-grocer specialising in surplus and imperfect fresh foods that would otherwise go to waste, Imperfect Foods spreads sustainability awareness while showcasing featured produce.

Followers: 5,302
Avg Likes Per Post: 186

Key Tactics

  • Info-rich captions educating on eliminating food waste, recipes for unusual fruits/veg, health properties, etc
  • A vibrant feed of their ever-changing inventory of “imperfect” fruits, vegetables and pantry items
  • Encourage UGC from subscribers spotlighting creative recipes and meal creations using produce.
  • Include details and links on becoming a subscriber to receive weekly deliveries.
  • Share their sustainability mission, food waste facts/statistics and partnership organisations

Leveraging Instagram effectively positions Imperfect Foods as a produce expert while furthering its eco-friendly brand values. This attracts their target demographic, who is interested in fresh, healthy foods.

Practical Instagram Business Tips

Launching any successful company requires thoughtful foundation building and growth strategy execution. While Instagram opens up immense marketing opportunities, avoiding common pitfalls remains vital.

Social media pioneer Gary Vaynerchuk stresses that, above all else, entrepreneurs must enter Instagram with patience and commitment to the long-term journey.

Let’s explore crucial best practices to set your Instagram business up for sustainable success:

Build an Inspiring Profile

Your Instagram profile is the home base and identity for engaging your ideal customers. Ensure it communicates your brand essence and offerings at a glance.

Profile Picture – Showcase your logo, primary product shot or professional headshot
Bio – Concisely summarise your business, value proposition and personality
***Website Link + Contact Info ***– Drive traffic and enable direct contact/conversion
Quality Content – Photos and videos that authentically represent the brand

Pro Tip: Complete your profile fully before actively promoting your account to present professionalism

Strategy Over Vanity Metrics

While follower counts, likes, and comments may temporarily stroke your ego, these vanity metrics cannot solely determine Instagram’s success.

Instead, craft an intentional Instagram marketing plan aligned with core business goals beyond social media. Common strategic objectives include:

  • Raise brand awareness/visibility
  • Increase overall website traffic
  • Grow email subscriber lists
  • Boost online sales

Connect your strategy to key performance indicators like email sign-ups, link clicks, and conversions to define and track meaningful Instagram growth.

Engage With Your Niche Community

The communities and conversations you facilitate on Instagram can deeply impact brand perceptions and loyalty. Dedicating time to engage with your audience builds meaningful relationships that inspire word-of-mouth advocacy and referrals for your business.

Ways to engage followers include:

  • Responding to all comments and questions
  • Following back other profiles and interacting with their content
  • Sharing user-generated content showcasing your brand, especially Stories
  • Sending quick replies and words of appreciation to comments

Optimise Hashtags + Geotags

Hashtags and geotags help users discover your profile and posts that may not already follow you. This expands your visibility to new potential customers already interested in your brand’s niche.

Nail hashtag strategy by:

  • Maximising the 30 allowable hashtags per post
  • Balancing niche hashtags to broadly popular tags
  • Identifying hashtags competitors rank highly for
  • Tracking top-performing hashtags to double down on

Location tagging tips:

  • Tag location of online stores, brick-and-mortars, pop-ups, events etc
  • Help visitors easily find your business on Google Maps/reviews
  • Increase visibility among local audiences to drive foot traffic

Collaborate With Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are rising social media personalities with engaged, niche audiences between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. Compared to celebrities, micro-influencers often enable more authentic and cost-effective promotions to grow brands mutually.

Compelling tactics include:

  • Product seeding – Provide free products for influencers to integrate into their channels organically
  • Create discount codes or special offers exclusive to their audience
  • Co-create content like an Instagram TV tutorial or funny video that engages both audiences
  • Cross-promote content across accounts to increase impressions

As micro-influencers command stronger authority and engagement from niche subgroups, collaborations can significantly expand your market reach.


Instagram’s explosive adoption as a social networking and business platform generates immense potential to develop your brand and income stream. Progressive entrepreneurs are reaching record profits by leveraging Instagram’s visual storytelling tools, shoppable features, and influencer marketing capabilities.

This definitive guide unpacked innovative Instagram business ideas thriving today, from creative services to physical and digital product sales. You also gained actionable tips and real-world case studies of brands effectively enhancing growth through strategic Instagram marketing.

As we progress through 2024, staying nimble and proactive will be instrumental to riding Instagram’s evolution while sustaining success. Continually testing and optimising high-performing content and capitalising on emerging trends and platform capabilities will secure your leadership position.