Marketing Health Check

Stop Wasting Marketing Budget & Maximise Your Marketing ROI


As much as 80% of small business marketing budgets are wasted because of a lack of customer research, poor execution and a lack of marketing ROI analysis.

The Marketing health check can help businesses if they are: Spending lots of money on marketing activities and are not getting the expected benefits, you cannot measure success of existing marketing campaigns, you are not producing quality leads/sales, your customer retention is low.

Knowing the right channels to marketing your businesses cost effectively is difficult.  You can become over-reliant on the same old channels or just copying what your competition is doing.

The marketing health check is an all inclusive marketing assessment and review service.  We analyse your marketing channels, undertake market research and find for you a better way to market to your business.  Saving you thousands each month while improving your ROI.




What You’ll Get

We’ll provide you with a detailed consultation report with an:

  • Analysis of current marketing spend
  • Customer Research
  • Marketing Strategy Advice
  • Updated Marketing Plan with performance management capabilities

All you need to do is talk to an advisor and we will assess why your marketing has failed in the past and work on an improvement plan to see your marketing ROI increase.

Our Process

Each engagement goes through a 7 step process to ensure consistency and a high standard of work.

  • The Kick Off

    Once you have ordered, you can book an appointment to meet with a consultant straightaway, otherwise we’ll contact you to book a time. In the consultation we will ask you questions about your business and areas you require help.

  • Research

    We will find out as much about your market/industry and your competition. This stage is critical.

  • Initial Report

    We’ll prepare an initial report using all the information we have received from you and what we have found out in the research phase.

  • Consultation

    In the consultation we will discuss our findings in the initial report and look at possible solutions.

  • Final Report

    We will update the interim report with any issues discovered in the consultation.

  • Approval

    No project is complete without you approving the work.

  • Completion

    The engagement is complete, but our support is not over. Before you go, we’ll agree how we will support you in the next stage of your business development.

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1 Year Guarantee

Expected results are defined before we start work. All work is guaranteed for 1 year.

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