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Find a Good Idea. Write a Business Plan. Get funding. Grow Your Business

Are you - Trying to start a business? Writing a business plan? Looking for investment or loan to for your business? Trying to grow your business?

If you are, you have probably noticed two things.

1. There are very few affordable service providers available to give you business advice.
2. There is a lot of business advice available on the internet for free. If you read enough of it, you will find that most of it contradicts itself. Not knowing which source to trust makes it even more difficult for you to find the best way to achieve your goals.

We've analysed thousands of companies and studied pretty much all the online business systems and advice online. In SGI Bootcamp, we aim to provide you with all of our knowledge and experience you need to start and grow a full success business.

SGI Bootcamp focusses on industry best practice and what's proven to work.

We've helped over two thousand business startup and grow so we know how to launch businesses the right way.

SGI Bootcamp

SGI Bootcamp

In SGI Bootcamp, we'll share our knowledge and experience in a live workshop. We'll share with you our all the essential components you need to have to make your business a success.


Learn How To Write A Business Plan

Learn How To Find A Profitable Business Idea

Learn How To Set Up Your Business For Success

What You'll Learn

business success formula

In the Workshop we’ll take you through our Business Success Formula step by step.

We’ve studied thousands of successful businesses and found the key components they share. We have included this in our business success formula.

By the end of the workshop you’ll know exactly how to start and grow a successful business.

Business Stage

Regardless of the business stage, there is something for you in SGI Bootcamp. See what you will learn.

Business Startup

We'll help provide you with all the information you need to grow start and grow your business.

From idea to development - we'll go through the key steps you need to turn your dream of starting your own business to a reality.

Business Planning

Using our business plan template, we'll show you exactly how to write the perfect business plan for loans, investments and visa all by yourself without spending an extra penny on a business plan writer.

Business Funding

We'll identify the best way to fund your business and attract investors.

Business Growth

We'll show you how to the core component of our business success formula and how to apply this to your business. We'll teach you the core marketing and sales techniques you need to know to scale your business. We'll also take you through our Business success formula and a five-step process to improve your business with no investment needed.

More Features

A vital aspect of SGI Bootcamp is that it is live, and you will get a chance to ask questions. Any question that can't be answered in the workshop we will take offline and follow up. Other Features include:

Save Money

What you will learn in SGI Bootcamp will save you thousands. Firstly it will save you accessing a service providers
It will save you hours of searching for solutions online (time is money)
It will save you thousands if you were planning to do it without seeking professional advice.

Launch Faster

SGI Bootcamp will help you start your business the right way. Most companies are destined to fail because they were not set up correctly.

Raise Funding

Finding funding for your business can be difficult. We’ll help you make your business more attractive to investors and lenders.

Reduce Risk

Understanding the critical components of what makes businesses successful will help you reduce the risk of making one of the core mistakes people make when starting and growing their business.

Business Advice That Works

We’ve helped over two thousand businesses to start and grow their business and raised millions in funding.

Pricing & Times

The price of the Bootcamp is just £150 ($185 USD). If you use all the information we cram into the Bootcamp and build a successful business the return on investment of signing up to SGI Bootcamp is enormous.

SGI Bootcamp is Zero Risk.

To make attending a live workshop easier will be running a live workshop three times a week.

  • Tuesday evenings – 7pm – 9pm (BST)
  • Thursday afternoons 12pm – 2pm (BST)
  • Saturday/Sunday mornings 10am – 12pm (BST)

There is no excuse not to attend one of the workshops. Even if you book and then miss the live workshop, you will get a live recording available a few minutes after we finish broadcasting.  You cannot lose out by booking.



Evenings (BST)
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        Frequently Asked Questions

            We'll take you through how to validate your idea, find funding and get your business started. With our proven process, we'll help your startup the right way to reduce the chances of failure.
            We'll take you through our business plan template and explain precisely what to write in each section. We'll also let you know the best way to write your business plan and avoid the biggest mistakes people make.
            SGI Bootcamp is all about setting up your business the right way. If you have a business and you are struggling, we'll take you through a process to identify where you are going wrong and how to change it.
            That's no problem; we'll send you a link with a live recording that you can replay when you are available
            If you still need our help, you can book a Free Consultation for one of our main services or start a seven day Trial of SGI Lab.