Corona Virus (COVID-19) Business Update

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As the world fights the Corona Virus (COVID-19) to limit its impact, this has left people fighting for their lives, unwell, scared, and many people been left without jobs. More and more businesses are closing each day. Entrepreneurs and business owners have been left having to rethink their business plans and financial future. So first, I want to say that …

Princes Trust Business Plan

How To Write A Princes Trust Business Plan

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The Prince’s Trust is a youth charity that helps young people aged 11 to 30.  They are one of the UK’s leading organisations helping young people to start their own business and move into self-employment. Writing a Princes Trust business plan can be complicated if you have no expericence.  In this artictle we’ll show you exactly how to write a …

innovation visa | startup visa

New Startup & Innovation Visa: Good Program But Bad Start

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Over the past few years, entrepreneurs and student entrepreneurs visa applications have been of low quality in terms of innovation and job creation for the UK economy. The vast majority of the businesses that went through the scheme were small scale retail, fitness and hospitality ventures. To combat this, the new Innovator and Start-up visa programs opened on the 29th …

buying decisions

5 Factors That Effect Small Business Buying Decisions

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Knowing the reasons why your customers buy your product or service is the key to sales success. When you know what their fears, problems and challenges are it gives you the ability to tailor your sales process to provide them with what they want and alleviate any concerns they objections they have. I in a previous blog post, How To …

getting your first customers

Startups: How To Get Your First Customers & Sales

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No matter how great your product or service is if you don’t have customers you don’t have a sustainable business. Also, you may have the ability to come up with a great new product or business, but that doesn’t automatically mean you can successfully sell it to customers. Many startups struggle at first to find customers and generate revenue.  Depending …

cash flow statement business plan

How To Prepare A Cash Flow Statement In A Business Plan

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The cash flow forecast (or cash flow statement) is one section of a business plan that people experience the most difficulty with. Businesses fail for a variety of reasons; however, ultimately, they close because they run out of cash. This means, the better you manage your money, the more chance you have of keeping your business operating.Preparing a cash flow …

sources of business finance

Sources Of Business Finance: A Definitive Guide

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The rate of new businesses registrations has rapidly accelerated in the UK over the past few years. It is estimated a record 500,000 businesses start each year. One of the first challenges of any new business owner has to face is how do they get business funding. This article will take you through the most popular ways to get your business …