Sources of Business Funding

The Complete Guide to Startup and Small Business Funding

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 Raising startup funding is one of the most exciting, challenging periods for a new business, and most fail at this stage and new launch.   Research by The Kauffman Foundation found roughly two-thirds of the companies were financed by personal savings, investments by friends and family or traditional loans.  Here are the top seven categories of the decade-long research identified by …


The Modern Business Plan – How Business Plans Have Changed

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The last economic crisis profoundly impacted how entrepreneurs and business owners finance their businesses and write business plans.  Higher interest rates mean it will be harder to secure a business loan. Banks have been reluctant to lend money to start-ups without offering significant collateral against the loan. Despite all the publicity that they are lending more money than ever, banks …

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How To Get A Business Startup Loan – A Definitive Guide

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The Startup Loan Scheme started in May 2012. It is a government-funded initiative that provides start-up funding and mentoring for entrepreneurs across the United Kingdom. It helps solve the problem of supporting people who have a feasible business idea or want to become self-employed but have no access to funding. The Start-Up Loan programme aims to equip enterprising individuals with …


Crowdfunding a Startup: Access Capital & Validate Your Idea

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Crowdfunding has exploded in popularity as a way for entrepreneurs to raise capital for their startups. With the rise of platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe, founders have new options to get their innovative ideas beyond traditional funding sources like loans or investors. However, running an effective crowdfunding campaign requires thorough planning and flawless execution. This comprehensive guide covers step-by-step …