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How To Pitch Your Business To Investors And Get Funding

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If you get the opportunity to pitch your business idea to an investor firstly congratulate yourself, most business plans get rejected after reading just the executive summary. If an investor has agreed to meet you there is something in your business plan, business idea or your skills and experience that interests them and they want to know more. When you …

Sir Alex Ferguson

How To Run Your Business Like Alex Ferguson

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Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed his managerial blueprint in the Harvard Business Review. It is an amazing interview which confirms him as one of the greatest sporting managers/coaches in sport in history. What is surprising is how many of the principles that Sir Alex followed can be used in business by business owners and their management teams. 1. Start With …

business funding mistakes

10 Business Funding Mistakes Made By Entrepreneurs And How To Avoid Them

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Are you struggling to get business funding for your start-up? Most entrepreneurs suffer from funding problems and delays when starting their business.  Getting business funding isn’t easy, however, many entrepreneurs disqualify themselves from most funders and investors criteria by making simple mistakes. Let’s look at some of the most common business funding mistakes  made by entrepreneurs and how to avoid …