6 Myths Of Startups

Top 6 Myths About Starting a Successful Business

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Embarking on your entrepreneurial journey and launching a new business is thrilling but involves overcoming common misconceptions. At our consulting firm, we’re focused on equipping entrepreneurs to start and grow successful companies. This article will debunk the top starting a business myths. Myth 1: You Need a Large Amount of Capital to Begin One of the biggest starting a business …

Development Plan

How To Create A Business Development Plan

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Whether you are just starting up or an established business, every business has room for improvement. The market is constantly changing. If you are not planning to improve and grow your business, you are just stagnating and risking sustainability. This is why the stock market value of companies crashes when they announce lower-than-predicted sales growth. Growth is a good sign; …

How Much Money Will You Make 

Writing Your Business Plan: How Much Money Will You Make?

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Introduction When crafting a business plan, one of the most critical questions you’ll face is: How much money will your business make? This isn’t just about profit; it’s about understanding the financial viability of your business model, setting realistic expectations, and planning for the future. Let’s explore the essential components of financial planning within a business plan, including real-world examples …

buying decisions

5 Factors That Effect Small Business Buying Decisions

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Understanding what motivates customers to buy your product or service is critical to sales success. When you know your target audience’s pain points, values and objections, you can tailor your marketing and sales process to align with how they make buying decisions. The customer purchasing process involves five key phases. Let’s explore these in depth: 1. Need Recognition This first …

pitch your business

How To Pitch Your Business To Investors And Get Funding

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Getting the opportunity to pitch your business idea to an investor is an exciting milestone. Most business plans are rejected after a quick review, so securing time to present your concept in person means they see potential. Maximize this crucial chance to win backing by following these tips: 1. Present Professionally First impressions heavily influence outcomes. Come across as polished …

getting your first customers

Startups: How To Get Your First Customers & Sales

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No matter how great your product or service is, you don’t have a sustainable business if you don’t have customers. Also, you may be able to come up with a great new product or business idea, but that doesn’t automatically mean you can successfully sell it to customers. Many startups struggle at first to find customers and generate revenue. Depending …


How To Find Out How Much Money You Need To Start A Business

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One of the most common questions entrepreneurs ask is, “How much money do I need to start a business?”. There is no single figure, as capital needs depend on your specific concept, model, goals, and growth phase. Many founders think fundraising ends once they get initial capital. However, securing startup funding should be viewed as a journey rather than a …

Starting up with a franchise

Starting a Business with a Franchise in the UK: A Comprehensive Guide

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For many aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners, starting a franchise can seem appealing. The idea of running your own business with the backing of an established brand and proven business model is undoubtedly tempting. However, as with any business endeavour, there are many factors to carefully consider before deciding if franchising is the right path forward.  This comprehensive guide will …