Who We Help

Our services are best suited to businesses and entrepreneurs who are ambitious and want to become market leaders in their particular industry and want to strive for excellence.

We help these people at any stage in business development.


We can help entrepreneurs who have found a gap in the market and are determined to exploit it and build a strong business.

One of the biggest problems that entrepreneurs face is how to transform their idea into a business. They face challenges such as building a team, product development, conducting market research, business planning and finding funding.

We help entrepreneurs develop their business ideas, helping them to refine their USP and conduct feasibility analysis. We also provide a comprehensive business start-up service from business plan writing to setting up operations.

Within this segment, we have special services for:

  • Young entrepreneurs and NEETs
  • The over 50’s

Benefits of our startup services

  • Faster Go To Market Times
  • Getting the funding you need
  • Cost Savings through budgeting and due diligence
  • More efficient operations on business setup

Seed Business

Starting is exceptionally difficult, the prospect of not having many customers with limited funds can be very stressful for business owners.

Seed businesses are vulnerable to market fluctuations and must plan ahead to ensure their survival. We offer business consulting and mentoring solutions to seed stage companies to ensure they focus on executing their vision.

How We Help Seed Businesses

  • Researching the competition and working out how you will beat them
  • Establishing the right pricing strategy for the business and how it will be positioned in the market.Planning how the business operations will be structured and how the business will conduct business.
  • Assessing what type of training or other information might be needed.
  • Deciding whether a business plan is needed.
  • Obtaining funding.
  • Establishing yourself in the market place

Benefits of Our Services

  • Business Planning & Performance Management
  • Financial Control
  • Getting the funding you need to grow your business
  • Increasing marketing return on investment


The statistics do not lie; most startups fail within the first two years of setting up. The reasons why startups fail are not economic or market driven. Most startups fail because of management decisions, their inability to recognise challenges, react and find solutions cause startups to fail. Many issues are not picked up quickly enough because they do not have a robust performance management process.

Challenges for Startups

  • Obtaining finance from banks to maintain and/or grow business.
  • Managing cash flow to enable them to pay employees and suppliers.
  • Identifying cost savings to offset decreasing revenues
  • Unable to find ways to grow business.
  • Increasing productivity while maintaining costs
  • Developing into a small business

Startup Consulting Solutions

  • Cash flow management
  • Cost Reduction
  • Financial Reporting
  • Talent Management
  • Market Planning & Execution
  • Business Planning & Strategy

Established Businesses

Established small businesses struggle to compete with large businesses as they have not reached the level of maturity in process automation, succession management and performance management to achieve the ‘economies of scale’ of their competitors.

Main Characteristics Of Small Businesses

  • The number of staff is increasing, but the performance management process is immature or non-existent.
  • They are becoming more sophisticated in their core business processes, but lacking the full automation of large and enterprise businesses.
  • Due to their size, they react quicker than large businesses to change, but not as fast as micro businesses.
  • The customer base is growing and more diverse. They struggle to keep pace with this diversification
  • The financial structure is becoming more complex and there is a requirement for additional funding to support growth.
  • Annual budgeted and business planning takes place, but they are not robust as in large businesses.

How We help Established small and medium sized businesses:

  • Finding and developing executive talent
  • Developing Staff performance management and compensation systems
  • Choosing the right growth strategy
    Developing financing strategies and instruments
  • Adopting new technologies, innovation and intellectual property
  • Compliance with regulators, banks and investors.